Thunder Cup All-Star Game fly, Jinyu once again played with the team, Tian Tian Ke participated as the anchor!

As we all know, with the rapid development of the e-sports industry, the domestic mobile game market is also growing, and many different types of mobile competitive games have appeared, which have greatly satisfied the gaming needs of the majority of netizens. , the most popular mobile game, in the editor’s opinion, it is definitely the game of Glory of Kings. As the first genuine MOBA mobile competitive game in the current e-sports circle, Glory of Kings has been popular among netizens since its launch. They are sought after, and the appearance of many professional events related to it during this period also makes the Glory of the King very topical.

In the King of Glory game circle, it is mentioned that the Thunder Cup S6 event is currently in full swing. It is estimated that most players who often watch the game must be familiar with it, although the Thunder Cup series is only a self-made product launched by a certain platform. The competition is not as popular as the official professional league, but it is still highly sought after by netizens due to its unique competition style and professional competition rules. During the period, the strong participation of many powerful top professional teams has also greatly improved the Thunder Cup. The quality of the game has also feasted the eyes of many players.

I believe that players who follow this Thunder Cup S6 event know that the official launch of the all-star competition system in this Thunder Cup S6 invites professional players and anchors to have a big melee, which greatly meets the needs of the majority of netizens to watch the game. , Now with the progress of the schedule, the Thunder Cup is also ushering in the third week of the game, and the schedule of Group B is coming to an end. In addition, the second round of the Thunder Cup All-Star game is about to start. On October 27th, fly and Pengpeng, who have the highest number of votes, will be the captains of the two star teams for teammate selection.

It is worth mentioning that in this All-Star Game, fly and Jinyu will play with the team again. This news also makes a lot of netizens sigh. In addition, Tiantianke is honored as the only female king. A professional player, this time he participated in the star game as an anchor. I wonder how Tian Tianke will perform in this Thunder Cup? Let’s wait and see!