Three shooters suitable for novice practice, ignoring the version, teammates will not dislike it, after practice, it will easily lead you to the king

In the king, the shooter has always been the core output of the team, especially in the late stage, the shooter needs to bear most of the team’s output, playing shooter players, not only can suppress the advantage online, but also have the ability to lead the team to the final victory, so many lovely new Players want to practice shooters to score. In this issue, three shooters suitable for beginners to practice hard. Ignore the version, teammates will not dislike it, and they will take you to the king after practice.

Yu Ji

Although Yu Ji’s appearance rate is not very high, but her winning rate has been stable. Yu Ji’s general attack can play a deceleration effect and has a certain ability to retain people. In addition, Yu Ji is not afraid of assassins because the second skill is immune to all physical damage. At the same time, the big action can also play the role of control and control-free, with high playability.

Friends who can play Yu Ji can play to their advantage online at an early stage. After all, a skill can attack a long distance and deal considerable damage. As long as they can lock onto the enemy’s head in a teamfight, normal attacks can do tons of damage. As long as she can learn Yu Ji, her teammates will not give up even if she takes it out in the peak game of 1800 points. The most important thing is that Yu Ji can adapt to all stages and is a very worthwhile shooter.

Marco Polo

This shooter, many players say it’s a version bug. In fact, Marco Polo doesn’t have an easy 49% win rate as the first pick on the development path. Unlike Athena, although the win rate is as high as 53.54%, the appearance rate is only 1.3%. Obviously, the win rate is brought by some country service players. Marco Polo can be said to ignore any version, because his skill attributes are very comprehensive, the hero can not only cause real damage, but also can cause displacement and AOE damage, strong self-protection ability, a big move in the later team battle can cause tons of damage, As long as you can learn Marco Polo, it is not difficult to help you beat the king with 20 stars.

Sun Shangxiang

Although Sun Shangxiang’s appearance rate is not very high, her strength is not low (really. Although the hero has a relatively long development cycle, her burst damage is the best among marksmen. Heroes are highly mobile and have their own little daybreaks. Playing as a tank hero is very painful. Sun Shangxiang’s second skill can be linked with normal attacks under the second person’s damage, and the damage in the later period makes you incomprehensible. Best of all, heroes aren’t hard to start. You can easily start with a little practice. It is very suitable for novice players to practice. As long as you can learn Xiangxiang, the king’s mark. Isn’t that the right hand?

The above three shooters not only ignore the version, but the teammates will not give up. The most important thing is that they are easy to learn. If you want to practice shooters, it is recommended to give priority to them. After learning, the intensity is absolutely super strong.