Three practical skills of Fantasy Westward Journey to share! Can you save the devastated blind monk?

“Blind monks” are the most magical type of people in Fantasy Westward Journey. Some of them can buy the cheapest things at the most expensive prices, while others like to wander around when they set up stalls, and often become philanthropists. So, is there a way to avoid these problems? Today, Captain Pig summed up three tips for you!

1. Make good use of the built-in treasure collection function of the game

The current game client has a built-in Treasure Pavilion function, which is more suitable for “blind monk” players who often play Fantasy Westward Journey in front of the computer. When we see the so-called “picking up leaks” and “drawing lots” sound transmission, don’t rush to buy them. After all, there is a “drawing time” in the Treasure Pavilion now. Even if it is really good things, everyone will try to grab a wave, so it is the kingly way to click on the collection first.

At this time, we will be able to clearly see the difference between those who have Xumi and those who do not, and can avoid being fooled. Of course, this little trick is also suitable for summoned beasts such as “power split, good and evil”.

2. How to avoid misjudgment on the mobile phone?

In fact, in order to deal with the “related misjudgment” on the mobile phone, the government has indeed made a lot of efforts.

For example, the current long picture will clearly mark the highlights, and the summoned beast without the Sumeru skill naturally does not have the highlight of “Xumi”, just look at the highlight options to avoid this problem.

Even the “poster” sharing of the trick mode will mark the highlights below the summoned beast skills, and this setting itself is difficult to be fooled.

In addition, the mobile phone also has a collection function. Clicking in to see the collection highlights will also form a clearer judgment.

If you are a player who wants to find Xumi, you can directly select the “Xumi” in the skill options in the mobile phone treasure house or the embedded treasure house, so as to filter out all summoned beasts with Xumi, and then according to You need specific conditions. However, don’t pick a baby without choosing an option, it’s easy to lose money!

Three, clever use of security settings tips

Many friends have encountered “Ring Assassin”, “Cultivation Fruit Assassin” and “Mutant Assassin”. Although the loss is not much, it will definitely affect the game mood of the day. In fact, this problem can be avoided!

We can open the system setting interface through “ALT+S”, and check “Purchase Confirmation” in the security check box. Usually, it is recommended to put this amount in “49999”, so that even if you accidentally click on the box, it will trigger the second time. Confirm the pop-up window to avoid losses.

After completing the setup, we will find that no matter what you buy, as long as it exceeds the price you set, a system prompt will appear. Although it becomes a little cumbersome to purchase items after setting, it can improve shopping safety and is more suitable for players who often run the ring. For some players who need to raise accounts, setting the price in advance when purchasing cultivation fruits can also avoid the same problem.


In general, the key reason for becoming a “blind monk” lies in oneself. Liars are hateful, but in the final analysis, they have not been carefully screened, and the resulting losses are difficult to recover. Therefore, as long as you maintain a heart of “not taking advantage” and “contrasting carefully”, you can defeat all “blind monk” tricks!