Three of the six T0 heroes in the S29 season have been cut, who will be next?

Hello everyone, I am my fingertips. The gradient for heroes is actually divided into high and low grades for the strength of heroes. The strength of heroes is mainly based on personal experience. The most important thing is that each hero is in different segments. Performance is also different.

Who are the six major T0 heroes of S29?

What can be called T0 is recognized by most players, because their strength is high enough, and they are preferred in some games, and the effect shown after playing is difficult to compare with other heroes.

However, whether it is T0 or not, in addition to the data to prove it, there is also the actual experience of the players. This is a matter of opinion, but I think these heroes are called T0 heroes. Even if there is a dispute, the voice of the dispute is not loud.

They are Haiyue, Ma Chao, Ming Shiyin, Sang Qi, Shiranuiwu and Gongsun Li.

The three major T0s that have been weakened

Sea Moon – A skill reduces range by 50 yards

Haiyue has become a hero that many people must ban, and of course, it is also a top player for some players. In terms of heroes, super long hands, and decent damage, this hero is indeed a bit strong now.

In the update of the experience server on the 28th, the distance of a skill of 50 yards has been weakened. This should be the first knife of Haiyue after the launch. The weakened Haiyue strength will have a slight impact, but it does not affect the fundamental, output and high The ability to bear injuries is still there, so everyone should not be too bad.

Gongsun Li – Reduces early damage

Gongsun Li, the assassin among the shooters, has more displacement than assassins, strong online suppression, outrageous mid-term damage, and ultra-long pursuit methods make it difficult for some heroes without displacement to grasp the distance, so it is also a must-have hero for the KPL peak duel.

This hero has been stronger in many versions, and many adjustments have been made during the period, but this time, she was finally weakened in the experience server, reducing her early output ability, I don’t know if she can make her strength return to normal. .

Ming Shiyin – weakens 1 skill damage, cancels the slowdown

Ming Shiyin has been weakened twice, and he is still very strong now. With data as a reference, he is now an existence that everyone is afraid of. Even heroes who were never chosen before can now be grabbed from the first floor. The attributes for the C position are high, the milk can play the output, and it can also improve the double resistance of the teammates.

In the experience server, the damage of Skill 1 has been weakened, and the deceleration mechanism has also been cancelled. If this adjustment is implemented, then he will become the only hero without any control after Marco Polo, and it will become a pure buff hero.

This adjustment has hit him very hard, because to a large extent, Ming Shiyin’s strength is because he has a certain suppressing power in the early stage, and he may fall to the T0 team after the adjustment.

The other three T0s that have not been weakened, who will be next?

Ma Chao doesn’t need to say much, everyone understands that in the hands of masters, this hero can lead the line and cut the back row. It is also one of the few side lanes that can be the core in the current version, with stable output, high online strength, and high support efficiency. , T0 must have his place.

Sang Qi, this version has earned enough attention. It is considered to have experienced rebirth from the ashes. A small rework directly brought his strength to the peak. The current win rate is very exaggerated. It’s more than 20% more than last season, and it can be milked even after death. This should be the second hero after Athena who can continue to give teammates a boost after death.

Mai Shiranui has just received the limited skin of Fei Yuexing. The quality is quite good. The strength of this hero is indeed worthy of such a high-quality skin. In the high-end game, Mai Shiranui is almost the only mid lane hero that must be grabbed. In KPL It is also necessary to play in the event. As a magic thorn, I have never missed the game for N seasons, even the tool man version that is not valued in the middle is the same. If there is only one T0 mage, then I would rather give this vote to I don’t know fire dance.

From my personal point of view, the three heroes all have signs of exceeding the standard. Ma Chao’s performance on the field is not good, but the data in the passers-by game is very exaggerated. Even in the top peak game, the BP rate is added to It exceeded 50% together, and the winning rate is always around 52%, which is self-evident.

Because Sang Qi has just risen this season, maybe the planners want to wait and see more, but if you look at his statistics, you will feel that he has reached a point of exaggeration.

Shiranui Wu has become stronger in N versions. Perhaps the planners deliberately kept this card in the middle lane, and never did anything to her. Now that the skin has just been launched, the status quo will be maintained for a while at least. I don’t know if there are any follow-up plans for adjustment.

So in your opinion, among the three remaining T0 heroes, who is most likely to be passive? Say your opinion.