Three Men’s Hairstyles Worth Trying

Hello, everyone, the latest issue of men’s hairstyles is here. Today, we mainly bring you three men’s hairstyles that are worth trying. The spirit and fashion are very brilliant, making you look more handsome.

The first men’s short inch

Men’s hairstyles are also very special now, but today these three have their own advantages, whether you like more spiritual or more fashionable, you can be satisfied.

The first one I will introduce to you today belongs to the men’s short-cut hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that makes people feel more energetic at first glance. The whole head is trimmed relatively short, so you don’t have to worry about the haircut after the cut. It is a good choice for rough men.

When it comes to ultra-short small-inch hair, the first thing that comes to mind is the caliper hairstyle. The so-called caliper hairstyle is to use electric clippers to put the matching caliper on the whole head, and push it directly to the same length along the head shape. Although it is also very spiritual, But if the head shape is not standard enough, cutting it out will also affect the appearance.

There are still some differences between the short-inch head presented today and our caliper head. The hair on the top of the head will be slightly longer relative to the surrounding area, but it will not be too long, basically within 2 to 3 cm, which is both natural and layered sense.

This kind of men’s short hair can be said to be both energetic and handsome, and it is easy to take care of them normally, and it is OK to wash their hair.

The second kind of men’s perm

Men who want to keep up with fashion trends must not miss today’s second men’s perm, which can quickly allow you to achieve the effect you want.

The current popular men’s perm is basically texture perm and Morgan perm tin foil perm. Texture perm generally perms the whole hair into some fluffy arcs, which is relatively natural, fashionable and not exaggerated. It is very suitable for first-time perm men.

Morgan perm is an effect of perming the roots of the hair to make the hair loose, and the ends of the hair still maintain the shape of straight hair. Usually, it needs to be grasped with some hair wax to create a bundle-like shape, and the three-dimensional fashion has a sense of line.

Tinfoil perm is a more fluffy perm. The whole head is permed with fluffy small ripples, which shows great volume. It is very friendly to men with less hair, high forehead, and especially high hairline.

This kind of tin foil perm can also be matched with the short haircut around the shovel, forming a disconnected shape from top to bottom, which is refreshing, fashionable and particularly practical, making you unusually handsome.

This tin foil hot styling is also very convenient to take care of. Usually, the hair is naturally dry after washing. Even if it is a little messy, it seems to be a special trend.

The third hair color

In pursuit of fashion trends, how can you get a colorful hair color, and a colorful hair color can make you a handsome landscape in the crowd.

Most of the color hair color is relatively light, if it is directly dyed, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Most of the hair needs to be bleached first, and then the hair color we want.

For example, today’s light blue-green, light pink, and red hair colors are all the same steps. Relatively speaking, if you want to do this kind of hair color, it will take more time than usual to dye your hair. There is a number.

If you don’t like the particularly bright hair color, you can also try this linen gray hair color. The operation steps are similar to the above, and you also need to bleach it in advance before the operation. With four or six points of love bangs, it is also full of heads. Full.

To say the hair color with the highest rate of return, young men with a full head of white blond color can definitely make people’s eyes shine, like to collect them quickly!

Which of these three men’s hairstyles is your favorite? Welcome to leave a message, if you want to see more fashionable hairstyles, don’t forget to follow me.

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