Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition: Xiahou Dun’s strongest gameplay, with 1.16 million military exploits a week, as strong as Sima Yi

Disclaimer: This article was first published on the official account of Zero Krypton Player Huaxi, and plagiarism to other platforms is prohibited. This issue introduces a top match, Xiahou Dun, which can be called Xiahou Dun’s strongest gameplay.

Contributed by “Duck Washing Lalei” in District 143, he used this team to make 1.16 million battle credits in a week. If the enemy has more points, he can get 1.2 million battle credits. With this team, he made 3 million battle feats in a month, and the generals had already reached level 50.

1: Various kill streak reports

Looking at the battle report above, four consecutive kills were won, with a total of 36,506 combat exploits, and four consecutive kills, indicating that the team’s stability is still good.

【Super fast upgrade】

His team was fully leveled very early, and then another Cao Cao was archived. The new Cao Cao went from level 45 to level 50 in 3 days.

Two: other practical effects

1: Five Tiger Guns, Close Guns

The chopper team reached Xiahou Dun very miserably, especially Guan Yinping, triggering a tiger anger would have a chance for Xiahou Dun to trigger a skill. Usually, Xiahou Dun in the wild is Guan Yinping’s nemesis.

2: Lu Xun Wu Gun

Fighting Lu Xun and Wu Gun is not a 100% victory, there are losses and there are winners, it mainly depends on whether Dangfeng Dejue hits Xiahou Dun. In the picture above, Lu Xun triggered 6 sets of fire and he did not win. The situation is all right.

3: Jiang Wei, Pang Tong

4: Three-Potential Formation Lu Bu

5: Jiangdong Huchen

Xiahou Dun is very restrained by Taishi Ci and Sun Shangxiang, who have been “damaged by weapons” many times. Even if they are full of red enemies, they are not very afraid.

Under normal circumstances, don’t be afraid. Only when the front hits Xiahou Dun will he suffer a loss. If he loses, this is usually the case.

Or Gan Ning’s skill, hit Xiahou Dun 2 times in a row, kill Xiahou Dun first.

6: Various shield soldiers

Shield soldiers are divided into kitchen knife shield soldiers and legal shield soldiers.

Kitchen knife shield soldiers such as Taoyuan Shield, hitting Xiahou Dun is equivalent to increasing his damage, so I won’t introduce it.

There are actually many battle reports, but the length of the article is limited, and it is impossible to display all the battle reports. Since more than 1 million battle reports have been displayed in 7 days, there is no need to post too many battle reports.

Three: Combination of tactics and military books

[The Strongest Xiahou – Combination of Combat Techniques]

Cao Cao: Fu Ji military and civilians + thatched boat borrows arrows

Man Chong: Temporarily avoid its front + arrogance

Xiahou Dun: Countless Actions + Jedi Counterattack

At present, these tactics are the most suitable “do not recommend pursuing coexistence”. The reason will be explained later.

【Selection of Military Books】

Cao Cao: Waiting for battle + firmness and softness + meditation

Full of pets: help him must attack + quick battle + false cover

Xiahou Dun: Bravery is not brave + Victory + Sharpness

Cao Cao’s and Man Chong’s military books are all conventional. Xiahou Dun brought a valiant and non-brave military book. When encountering a legal enemy, it is equivalent to 10%-15% more strategies to avoid injury. This is very useful, and the victory book can make Xiahou Dun 2 rounds. “Small burst” once.

[Attribute plus points]

Cao Cao added intelligence, Man Chong added intelligence, and Xiahou Dun added force.

Most of Cao Cao is a commander, but he is playing with intelligence, because in most cases, Cao Cao has a lot of blood, and there is no shortage of treatment, and the combination of calming the army and civilians and temporarily avoiding his front often exceeds 90%. If you are full of red Cao Cao, you can add 50 intelligence and 50 commander.

【Why the team resists】

In the early stage, rely on temporarily avoiding its front + Fu Ji military and civilians to reduce damage

In the middle and late stage, borrow arrows from grass boats + arrogance to reduce damage

[The only weakness: full of pets]

As long as Xiahou Dun has damage, Cao Cao can obtain the blood-sucking effect, so it goes without saying that Xiahou Dun has full pets to restore blood, and can recover 1500-2000 at a time, which is also very stable. Only full pets are regarded as the shortcoming of the team. It was Man Chong who was broken through first.

Four: how to do coexistence

When many people see the tactics, they will ask my XX team what to do. My XX team uses the AA tactics. In fact, think about it, why his team can make 1 million battle exploits in 7 days, the reason is that there is no pursuit of coexistence. , brought a variety of bellicose tactics to the team.

He played a total of 3 teams, the main force was Xiahou Dun’s counterattack, and then the Gan Ning Huchen bow was used to touch porcelain. As long as you want to coexist, you can still coexist 3-4 teams, there is no need to coexist 5-8 teams. , because your resources can’t keep up, it’s better to play the strongest 3-4 teams.

Conclusion: If you have these tactics, you might as well try it out. Instead of pursuing 1 million battle credits a week, it is not bad to play 1 million battle credits a month.