Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition: What is the best way to play the whiteboard group bow?

Speaking of the group bow lineup in the strategy version of the Three Kingdoms, everyone is familiar with it. The composition of the generals is still the combination of SP Yuan Shao + SP Zhu Jun + Ju Shu. , but what really determines the strength of the lineup is the selection of skills! Today, the village master brings you a set of ultimate group bows.

Yuan Shao has its own passive disarm and active control. As long as he moves first, he can play a very long chain of control with Ju Shou, especially against Taishi Ci’s team. The effect is very good. Although there are first attacks provided by the eight gates, in order to avoid the opponents also have first moves. In this situation, it is very necessary to invest a certain amount of speed in Yuan Shao! Recommended speed plus points: 30-50. Ju Shou this simple chat, for this team of group archers, Quanzhi can add points, no need to provide speed points. However, if there is a general in the team that carries command-type control to take effect in the preparation round, it must be ensured that the general’s speed is slower than that of Ju Shu, so that it can be determined that the commander will extend the control time. The damage of Zhu Jun’s own skills has been determined in the preparation round, and will be affected by military and civilian damage reduction tactics. For example, if Cheng Pu is quick to start the military and civilians first, his tactics will be delineated within the scope of military and civilian injury reduction. On the contrary, the damage difference between the two is about 5-6k, which may be the reason why your group bows always do not enough damage. So we choose to increase the harm of our civilians to Zhu Juntaiping.

Add points to the military book

Yuan Shao points 40 points of speed and the rest of the military force book: Bravery is not brave and holy war is sharp

Zhu Jun points 20 points of speed and the rest of the intelligence book: to rule and fight chaos

Ju grants the whole intelligence a few military books: Qi Zhengxiangsheng Wen Tao hides the sword

Lineup Analysis

Whenever there is Yingcheng self-defense, this team can’t be called the top match! Because Yingcheng Zishou is a substitute for bone scraping in 99% of cases, so why is it the best match? Moreover, the damage ability of the group bow after 4-5 rounds is extremely poor! Although the baby city can guarantee the blood line to a certain extent, the overall significance is too low, and it has also given some military exploits to the opposite side. So we choose Zhechong instead of Yingcheng,

As for the SP Qun Gong team, Yuan Shao, who is the main general, is the most likely to die. Here, it is very reasonable to give Ju Shou a dash to protect the main general’s position while lowering the opponent’s stats. Zhu Jun, because I carried the Taiping inappropriately, did not need milk or release control. Zhechong can protect the main general in a targeted manner. It can be said that it is the most suitable fighting method for group bows, and it is also the strongest carrying method in civil wars. Finally, let’s talk about Weimou and Fengfei. Fengfei, as an S-level tactic, can do more damage than vertical soldiers with Brave and Feiyong, and the damage increase buff to a certain extent cooperates with Ju Shou, Yuan Shao’s speed is also fast enough, and he can control it first. As for the method of Weimou, although the landlord mentioned the role of Weimou as a thief, I found that with the increase in the proficiency of generals, the activation rate of Weimou has increased, and Weimou is really too much. . . If you are strong, if the group archers can launch a majestic battle in a battle, it is no longer a loss, and two times they will earn blood!

Appreciation of the battle report


This lineup is only recommended for civilian players. If you want to gain stability in battle, you must play this set of villagers. You will not suffer.

Today’s group bow lineup analysis is here. If you have any better team composition ideas, or black technology gameplay, you are welcome to leave a message, or privately chat with the villagers.

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