Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition: Cheng Yu, Zhang Chunhua’s cavalry gameplay, can Hao Zhao replace Man Chong

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1: Why is it called Queen’s Shield

2: Shield soldiers, cavalry gameplay

3: There is no full pet, can I use Hao Zhao instead

One: Queen’s Shield Named

When Huaxi first issued Zhang Chunhua’s Queen’s Shield, many people didn’t understand this team. It’s been more than a year now, and more and more people are playing.

Cao Cao: 45% charm effect, stable damage to the main general

Zhang Chunhua: 60% charm effect, weakening all enemies’ defense and strategy damage.

Many people don’t understand why it is called Queen’s Shield. In fact, when fans submitted articles, he wanted to be called “another” name, but Huaxi felt that the name he said was easy to be punished. In the end, according to the characteristics of Zhang Chunhua being the soul of the team, he started this. name.

Well, the truth is like this, they also have a game called the Three Kingdoms Fantasy Land, in which Zhang Chunhua is called the “Queen of Sickness”. Huaxi has played for more than a month. If you don’t remember anything else, just remember it. There are queens, royal sisters, loli and so on in the house.

I didn’t play it if it wasn’t fun, but I was very impressed, so Huaxi saw Zhang Chunhua’s core

When they were in the team, the first thing that came to mind was the queen.

2: Shield soldier gameplay, cavalry gameplay

The core of the Queen’s Shield: Zhang Chunhua

Queen’s Shield Secondary Core: Full of Pets

Least important: Sima Yi

When the national team is not considered, Zhang Jiao can replace Sima Yi as the main general.

Shield Soldiers: Hao Zhao/Zhang Jiao + Zhang Chunhua + Man Chong

If you consider the national team, you can play cavalry.

Cavalry: Cheng Yu/Le Jin/Xiahouyuan+Zhang Chunhua+Man Chong

Cheng Yu: Taiping Taoism + Three Days of Separation

Zhang Chunhua: Sharp Sword + Charm

Full of pets: ready to go / scraping bones + military and civilians / rattan armor / elephant soldiers

This team is playing cavalry under normal conditions. Just give Zhang Chunhua a cavalry treasure to become an S attribute. If it is a “play of heroes”, you can play shield soldiers.

Cavalry: Military and Civilian → Elephant Soldier

Shield Soldiers: Military and Civilian → Vine Armor / Trapped Faction

【Selection of Military Books】

Cheng Yu: Fighting Chaos with Control + Ghost Conspiracy + General Power

Full of pets: help him must attack + savior + quick battle

Zhang Chunhua: cherish soldiers and love the people + iron armor + defensive / courageous

[Standard Queen’s Shield]

Sima Yi: Three days of separation + use of martial arts to reach the gods / blazing the sky / four sides

Zhang Chunhua: Sharp Sword + Charm

Full of pets: scraping bones + rattan armor / trapping camp / compiling military and civilians

In addition to a few fixed tactics, the Queen’s Shield can be replaced by other tactics. Manhong uses the military and civilians, and the white board uses rattan armor. If you think that you are afraid of fire, you will be trapped. If you don’t use martial arts, you will be embarrassed. Heaven and Earth warfare.

Who is the strongest shield soldier in the hero script?

At present, the most popular shield soldier of the group is “Lu Xun’s fire-breathing shield”, but some players do not have Lu Xun, and the tactics such as grass boat borrowing arrows will be less effective. If you have Zhang Chunhua and Cheng Yu, you can consider playing this. Shield soldier.

Zhang Chunhua, does it have to be an S attribute?

Yes, the A attribute dies too fast, only the S attribute can resist, and the increase probability of charm is linked to the intelligence, the higher the intelligence, the better the effect.

Three: How to play without full pets

Many fans asked Huaxi if they were not full of pets, could they be replaced by other generals?

Without full favor, it is not a beating charm system, there is no need to bring charm tactics to Zhang Chunhua, unless you let her bring her own taunting effect.

Let’s take an example:

Sima Yi: Three days of separation + use of martial arts

Zhang Chunhua: Charm + Fighting/Fighting Alone

Hao Zhao: Sharp Arrow Array + Vine Armored Soldiers

Only with taunting can take effect, but after the taunting tactics, the team’s treatment is not enough, without the targeted blood replenishment of full pets, Zhang Chunhua is easy to hang up, and others are easy to be blasted at a single point.

【Normal Substitution】

Sima Yi: Three days of separation + use of martial arts

Zhang Chunhua: ready to go/defending the enemy/temporarily avoiding + scraping bone to cure poison

Hao Zhao: Sharp Arrow Array + Vine Armored Soldiers

At this time, it is meaningless to consider charm. It is better to give up charm and let Zhang Chunhua use auxiliary tactics, either with treatment or with injury avoidance. At this time, only Zhang Chunhua’s “defense breaking” effect is considered, and there is no need to consider the charm effect.