Three Kingdoms strategic version T0 meat bow new lineup, Megatron Huaxia ranked first, with 3 generals, the red letter is exclusive!

  Hello everyone, I am the general of the three battles. I will help you to reclaim the wasteland and make the list every day. I will tell you the choice of military generals to seek talents. I hope I can help you!

  The Three Kingdoms strategic version of the meat bow is an inescapable topic in the game. It is one of the teams that both the white board civilians and the red bosses like very much, especially in the case of using the three ways to open up wasteland, because Wu gun has not yet obtained the treasure. , many players will consider transforming the meat bow to play! In this issue, I want to tell you about a real meat bow boss who “calls himself Dongjiu”, a veritable combat player. According to him, it was about 5-10 million military exploits in the season. , the meat bow can contribute almost half of the battle credits, and has been used for several seasons!

  The scarlet title of the three generals, Megatron China:

  Of course, the meat bow with Taishi Ci is a little weak at present. Although it can be brainless, vine armor, Taoyuan Wu gun, Qingzhou spearman, but there is still a certain disadvantage when playing Taiwei shield, with the addition of new tactics, the big brother It means that Zhou Yu’s meat bow has returned to the strength of T0!

  New version of meat bow gameplay:

  (Leader) Lu Xun, Combination of tactics: when the front is destroyed + the army is impermanent

  Choice of Military Books – Qi Zheng Xiangsheng + Wen Tao + Zhi Rui

  (Lieutenant General) Zhou Yu, Combination of tactics: Do your best to seek left + Yingcheng self-defense

  The choice of the military book – aid it must attack + cover the virtual + encourage the army

  (Lieutenant General) Cheng Pu, Combination of tactics: Fu Ji military and civilian + grass boat borrowing arrows

  Choice of Military Books – Defence and Way + Defensive + Defense

  Next, let’s go to the actual combat report:

  The top match archer civil war, won the battle with 4,000 losses, Lu Xun’s damage exceeded 10,000, and Zhou Yu’s 6 times Yingcheng perfectly provided the output of recovery and his own tactics.

  Fighting Wu Spear’s battle damage of almost 1,000 basically destroyed the opponent, and the six rounds tried their best to suppress Lu Xun’s output.

  A wave of six-game winning streaks, with over 10,000 military exploits.

  The strength of the five consecutive battles is still healthy, and it has a good fight with the top-matched Wu Gun!

  Summary: Compared with the gameplay with Taishi Ci, this lineup also has the effect of breaking the defense, and is not so afraid of disarming, and Zhou Yu has a very stable output and recovery, and the winning rate of the Mage team is greatly improved. Basically, in the early stage, you can achieve perfect coverage of damage reduction and recovery. In the later stage, the milk volume is also quite abundant. Normally, it can reach more than 10,000 recovery. It is very suitable for high-red teams! In terms of output, Lu Xun and Zhou Yu both have tens of thousands of damage. Strength, stronger and more stable than the meat bow, the only fear may be the headshot team, suitable for use in the middle and late stages.