Thor arrives, proud of the mountain city! Chongqing’s first Thor scene ecological experience store is here

On October 28, Thor’s first scene ecological experience store in the southwest area was located in Hall E, Times Tian Street, Longhu, Chongqing. Thor guests, partners and many fans and friends witnessed the important moment of opening the ribbon. Raytheon Technology adheres to user needs-oriented, continues to innovate and cultivate in many aspects such as technology, products, ecology and channels, deploys new formats, and explores new ways of playing. The business philosophy of Hall E is in line with the trendy experience store that brings Chongqing players one-stop demand for shopping, exhibition, sales, sports and clothing.

△The present guests cut the ribbon to congratulate the opening of the new store

As the first Thor scene ecological experience store in Chongqing, from the decoration design to the product display, it gives everyone an all-round immersive experience from vision to touch, attracting the participation of many fans and players. In addition to experiencing many Raytheon trend products, there are also fan competitions, UP main live broadcasts, game interactive experience, and many lottery sessions, interactive experience leading gifts.

Open up a new situation, the transformation of Raytheon’s new track is accelerated

At the opening event of the first Thor scene ecological experience store in Chongqing, Mr. Shen Weimin, general manager of Raytheon technology market channel, introduced that the Thor scene ecological experience store, as a new landmark to attract young people to gather, not only can try the latest black technology products at zero distance, There are also different product experience areas for users to communicate and entertain. This trendy space for all-round enjoyment will gather more and more young people who have the same hobbies and ideas to exchange products and collide with inspiration, making the Thor scene ecological experience store a new base for immersive life experience.

△Shen Weimin, general manager of market channels of Raytheon Technology, delivered a speech

Mr. Wang Wenjian, investment promotion director of Chongqing Longhu Times Tianjie, also mentioned that the transformation into a new home of Chaowan is a point of interest that Raytheon has found based on the insights of contemporary young consumers and from the perspective of users. Deeper and closer cooperation with more fashionable and more influential brands in the new era is also the general trend of Chongqing Longfor’s future cooperation with brands. This time, Raytheon Chongqing’s first scene ecological experience store is located in Chongqing Longhu Times Tianjie, which will definitely accelerate the pace of Raytheon’s layout of new business formats, and start the rapid transition from “product” to “scene” new track.

△Chongqing Longfor Times Tianjie Investment Director Wang Wenjian delivered a speech

Trend check-in new landmark, scene ecology is more immersive

In the experience store, the design with a more technological and futuristic sense is matched with the trendy play products of Raytheon Technology that meet the individual needs of users, which complement each other and give people an immersive experience as soon as they enter the store.

In addition, the experience area is not only equipped with professional racing simulators and gamepad battle experience, it is more secure to play first and then buy. In addition, a variety of full-scene computer hardware equipment such as Raytheon’s high-performance hosts, monitors, notebooks, and peripherals not only provide players with a professional competitive experience, but also build a social communication space that is more in line with the new era for young people.

The opening of the new store has a lot of gifts, and the first order transaction is very happy

The opening of the new store will not only allow you to have a deeper understanding of Raytheon products, but also customers who enter the store can participate in an interactive experience, with monitors, keyboards, mice, backpacks and many other prizes. Collection of cards for gift exchange, large-screen lottery, discounts on machine purchases, etc., attracted many fans and shopping mall customers, and for a time, the entire store was crowded. Whether it is an experience area or a product display area, Raytheon Technology has created a new communication space and communication method for everyone with trendy products and immersive experience.

After experiencing it in person, the players who came to the store really understood the charm of Raytheon technology products, and the little friends who got the prizes were even more happy. Of course, there are many users who actively consult and purchase, and the joy of the first user to make a transaction is beyond words.

△ Group photo of the first transaction of the first Thor scene ecological experience store in Chongqing

Deploy new trends in scene ecology and create infinite possibilities

Today, scene experience has become a new consumption model, and Raytheon Technology will also deploy a number of scene ecological experience stores across the country to fully meet the personalized shopping needs of the younger generation. In the future, we also expect Raytheon Technology to continue to innovate and cultivate in many aspects such as technology, products, ecology and channels, to create more eye-catching products for players, and to make one-stop consumption in this kind of shopping, exhibition, sales, sports, and service. The new mode brings us more surprises.