This year’s super-hot love story, rated 9.0, but so old-fashioned?

so many years have passed

Pure love is still the killer of Japanese dramas


It’s been a long time since there’s been an explosive Japanese drama, and recently a dark horse has emerged.

Not only was it ranked No. 1 in the hot search in Japan, but the first broadcast broke the broadcast record, and the ratings continued to rise. It even set a record for the highest broadcast of Fuji TV’s history.

In China, “Still Snow” also received a high score of 9.0 on Douban.

While criticizing the screenwriter’s knife for being too cruel, everyone couldn’t help being moved: Japanese dramas have finally returned to the theme they are best at, pure love is invincible.

Who would have thought that in 2022, we are still crying for the old and routine Japanese pure love.

The following contains spoilers



Return to the pure love Japanese drama 20 years ago

The story of “Still Snow” is somewhat old-fashioned.

Tsumugi Aoba and Sakura wanted to be a couple in high school, but after graduation, Sakura left without saying goodbye under the pretext of “falling in love with someone else”.

Later, Qing Yu and Minato, who was also a high school classmate, dated for 8 years, until they talked about marriage.

Minato and Sakura

At this juncture, Aoba met Sakura unexpectedly at the subway station.

It turned out that Sakura suffered from “juvenile-type bilateral sex-tone deafness”. This is a disease that will gradually lose his hearing. At this time, he is already living in a silent world.

Sakura tearfully explained the reason for the breakup in sign language, “I can’t hear your voice anymore, it’s too painful. Because I like you, I don’t want to see you.”

After the reunion, the three fell into a tangled sadomasochism.


Pure love is still the killer

When dog blood, suspense, and coolness became the mainstream themes of Asian TV dramas, “true love” gradually became the leftovers of strong men and strong women, crazy men and crazy women, and “Jingxue” suddenly killed a carbine.

Before watching it, I didn’t understand why it made the Japanese so addicted to it. After watching it, I probably understood: it’s still a familiar recipe, and it’s still a familiar taste.

It gathers stories such as “love at first sight”, “two-way running”, “the protagonist suffers from a rare disease”, “hidden illness to break up”, “brothers fall in love with a woman at the same time”, “reunion after a long absence”…almost all pure love elements.

I have to admit the power of Japanese dramas in setting off the atmosphere.

“Quiet Snow” spent an entire episode, while explaining the reluctance of Aoba and Minato’s relationship, while inserting how Aoba and Sakura were a match made in heaven.

The rare disease Sakura suffered was not rare for the sake of being rare. His lost hearing and voice are precisely the medium for the two to fall in love.

Aoba first noticed Sakura when Sakura, as a student representative, read aloud his composition “Language”. Whether it’s the sound or the text, Aoba likes it.

They liked the spitz song and chose the same earphones for a Christmas exchange.

Just passing by the stairwell in the school makes each other’s heart.

Watching the snow together, I sighed, “It will become very quiet when it snows”, and the feelings become tacit.

School flowers and school grass, lively girls and restrained teenagers, even the teachers couldn’t help joking, “You have made the whole school fall out of love”.

It is this kind of match that makes the ending so uneasy.

Minato, who used to assist the prince and princess, is not only a friend of Sakura, but also has a secret crush on Aoba. So after falling in love with Qingyu, he was worried about gains and losses, and when he heard others mention Sakura, he felt uneasy.

But Minato is not a person with a ghost, and there are few pure bad people in Japanese pure love. To Qingyu, he is a 24-year-old good boyfriend; after finding out that his girlfriend went to meet his ex-boyfriend, he was not jealous, but cried bitterly because his childhood friend became a disabled person.

“It’s easier to be a bad guy than it is to accept a friend as a disabled person.”


Going against the trend

All kinds of “Quiet Snow” are so familiar. Twenty years ago, Japanese-style pure love used a similar routine to capture the hearts of audiences across Asia.

The hero must have the courage to be crazy about love.

“Tokyo Love Story” by Akana Rika and Nagao Kanji brings a new concept of love. The handsome and beautiful Lixiang chooses a mate without considering the identity and salary of the other party, and is willing to give everything for love.

A crush is beautiful, and a crush without results is the most beautiful.

Fujiishu, who has the same name and surname in “Love Letter”, has never been able to hold hands once in her life. Even after the death of the male Fujiishu, the female Fujiishu realized the pure love that year.

The male protagonist belongs to the female lead, and the second male belongs to everyone.

Everyone who reads “White Paper on Love” will question “why everyone falls in love with Hangju”, and desperately blows the lights on Toride (Kimura Takuya).

Illness is never a hindrance to love.

In “Life is Beautiful”, the beautiful and cheerful girl in wheelchair meets Okishima, a hairstylist who always pretends to be cool, and sighs that this world is so beautiful, “In the last few months after I met you, my life is like stardust flying. shining like…”

Putting “Quiet Snow” 20 years ago, the configuration of popular actors with handsome men and beautiful women, the plot of abuse of body and heart, “my world is silent, only my love for you is deafening” such painful youth, became popular. As it should be.

But today, there are some surprises.

In the three episodes currently broadcast, it seems that there is no more breakthrough than the predecessors. Compared with Yuji Sakamoto, who has dominated these years, it also lacks a sense of real life.

The most important thing is that true love seems to be out of date, and now is the era of fast food when “love like a bouquet” will quickly fade away.

The desperate pursuit of love is no longer encouraged. Pure love like in Japanese dramas is regarded as something that cannot exist in reality, and “longing for pure love” has become difficult to say.

Even though everyone said that it was three days and three nights for the “Quiet Snow” emo, in reality, the loudest shout was “Don’t fall in love with your brain”.

Just look at the recent Internet red stalk – “Wang Baochuan digs wild vegetables”. In the costume drama “Xue Pinggui and Wang Baochuan” 10 years ago, Wang Baochuan waited for her husband Xue Pinggui for 18 years. During these 18 years, she lived in the mountains digging wild vegetables… So Wang Baochuan was named “The Originator of Love Brain” After 00, it is regarded as a negative teaching material.

Even in the primary school class, the teacher told the story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, and the children were no longer moved, thinking that this was not love at all, “The Cowherd is a rogue, cheating on marriage, and the Weaver Girl is simple-minded.”

Perhaps because true love in reality is too rare, everyone reminds themselves to be rational and sober, while indulging themselves to find beautiful and heart-wrenching love in film and television dramas. And “Quiet Snow” is probably the most suitable fantasy in the film and television market where Pure Love is absent.


So this Japanese-style pure love snow, although out of season, still fell into our hearts.

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