This year’s Double Eleven is popular with “small folding” style! Huawei Pocket S is here: a must for changing phones

It’s Double 11 again. This time of year is the best time to replace your old phone and get a new one. Is your shopping list ready?

For young users, especially female users, in addition to basic parameter configuration and functional experience, mobile phone brand, fashion ID and expression of personality have also become key factors in purchasing a phone.

Since the end of last year, a “small folding” trend set off by the Huawei P50 treasure box has become a category that has attracted much attention in the mobile phone circle. The design of both fashion and technology has attracted many young fashion users.

On October 24, Huawei’s official Weibo official website announced that it will hold a Huawei Pocket S and full-scenario new product launch event on November 2. That’s right, the second-generation Huawei small foldable, it’s here!

Although the warm-up video did not reveal the real machine, from the “palm-friendly, unique” copywriting and the rich colors and fashion elements in the video, it is certain that the color matching of Huawei Pocket S will be one of the main highlights. Equipped with extremely rich colors and appearance options.

In addition, the name of the new machine is also interesting. It is not the P50 Pocket New that the outside world has speculated about, but a brand new and completely independent product series – Pocket S, which cancels the prefix of P50.

Judging from the elements released so far, this will be a new product with a new product positioning, a new series of folding screens mainly for young people. As a result, netizens are looking forward to this conference even more.

Since 2012, the Huawei P series has gone through 10 years. It has always adhered to the design trend of leading mobile phones. It is Huawei’s best interpretation of fashion and technology. With the tide of folding screens, Huawei has innovatively launched the first vertical folding flagship Huawei P50 Pocket, which is also known as the P50 treasure box.

P50 Treasure Box

For most female users, the appearance, design and experience of mobile phones cannot be ignored.

Huawei P50 treasure box, as a folding screen mobile phone with a vertical and vertical folding design, looks like a makeup box used by a young lady. The custom-made version of art and the splicing design of glass plain leather make the mobile phone no longer just a mobile phone, but also a work of art. It not only achieves first-class portability, but also adopts a new water drop hinge to form a water drop screen space at the bend, which solves the problem of gaps in the fuselage in the folded state and achieves a nearly seamless folding form.

Huawei P50 Treasure Box Art Custom Edition

After the Huawei P50 treasure box was launched, it has been sought after by many female users and even celebrities. Its appearance has reshaped everyone’s perception of mobile phone aesthetics and further enhanced Huawei’s leading position in fashion and aesthetics.

Judging from the current external revelations, in terms of the overall ID design, Huawei Pocket S will continue the appearance of the previous P50 treasure box, using the method of folding up and down. At the same time, the color selection is expected to be greatly enriched, bringing more fashionistas Personal choice .

In addition to the appearance ID, Huawei Pocket S is bound to integrate the excellent interactive experience of the previous P50 treasure box. In particular, the rich internal and external screen interaction will become a killer beyond other folding screen phones.

For example, through the external “small round screen”, you can read important notifications and read information without opening the cover, and there is no operation to realize main functions such as notifications, schedule, music, weather, and payment . Opening the cover can also continue to control functions such as information notification, music playback, and external screen shooting. In addition, with the launch of HarmonyOS3, Huawei Pocket S is also expected to achieve some new experiences such as hyperspace storage compression, image privacy protection, and personalized UX.

It is not difficult to foresee that with the high-level aesthetics and fashion genes of Huawei P50 treasure box and the blessing of a powerful imaging system, the new small foldable Huawei Pocket S released this time will open up a unique path of success for the current folding screen era. , send a new surprise. Its super high value and fashionable form will be the best choice for this Double Eleven girl to buy a machine.

So, are you ready for this “small folding” wind that Huawei Pocket S hangs on? During the Double 11 Shopping Festival, it is the best time to get the ultra-recognizable Huawei folding screen mobile phone. The Huawei P50 treasure box has a maximum discount of 600 yuan during the Double 11 shopping festival, and the protective case will be free when you place an order. In addition, Huawei’s upcoming flagship new product, Pocket S, is also not to be missed. It is stylish and exquisite + super beautiful images, charming selfies + super cool performance experience, bringing you to play with colorful colors.

For more surprises, on November 2, we will witness the launch of Huawei Pocket S and all-scenario new products.