This lifestyle hotel brand has accumulated a lot of money, and five major projects have rushed to Shanghai

Integrate local art and culture

Reinventing the high-end hotel lifestyle

MISS has always preferred cutting-edge design hotels, and recently, I was deeply impressed by the elegance of Artyzens Hotel in Shanghai Qiantan.

This hotel is operated by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, which introduces the old Shanghai light and shadow into the trendy neighborhood of Qiantan, creating a new humanistic and artistic sojourn space.

It belongs to the Artyzen Hotel Group and is also its first urban exquisite lifestyle brand – Artyzen Fashion, which is not only stylish and comfortable, but also meets the pursuit of life aesthetics by the millennial generation.

You may be a little unfamiliar with Artyzen Hotel Group. It is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Shun Tak Group. It has created a series of local native hotel brands, including flagship brands Artyzen Hotels & Resorts and Artyzen Habitat, as well as a series of independent lifestyle brands. Including Artyzen Style Hotel, Artyzenti Hotel, Coloane Resort Macau, Kaanapali Beach Hotel and Plantation Hotel in Maui, Hawaii.

In mainland China, the Group has developed rapidly. Only in September and October this year, it opened 5 projects against the trend in Shanghai to restore market confidence.

Taking advantage of the opening of the hotel, MISS had a chat with Peter Wynne, Senior Vice President of Artyzen Hotel Group, who described Artyzen as “like a flying butterfly, ready to go.”


5 projects landed in Shanghai

Location is the highlight

In the past two months in Shanghai, Artyzen Hotel Group has handed over a dazzling report card. The five new projects that have been launched intensively are Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Qiantan, Artyzens Hotel Shanghai Qiantan, and Lingang Shanghai. Artyzen Hotel, Shanghai Lingang Artyzen Habitat Hotel and Lingang Xinchen International Conference Center, as well as Lingang Dongman International Apartment.

Interestingly, the new hotels are concentrated in Qiantan and Lingang, two emerging and prosperous areas.

Qiantan represents the cutting-edge lifestyle in Shanghai, surrounded by world-class cultural and sports facilities such as the Oriental Sports Center and Pudong Art Museum. Qiantan 31 Cultural and Performing Arts Center is a pearl on the map of Shanghai’s “Asian Performing Arts Capital”. Shanghai Qiantan will become a new cultural landmark.

The Lingang New Area of ​​Pudong New Area, where Artyzen Hotel Shanghai Lingang and Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Lingang Hotel are located, are emerging hot spots for country vacations.

There are Shanghai Planetarium and Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, which are suitable for family outings, taking children to explore the natural fun; at Dayin Lakeside Bookstore, looking for the charm of Lingang culture.

In Win Peter’s view, Qiantan and Lingang were chosen to keep pace with Shanghai’s development. The Qiantan area has been built as the second international business district after Lujiazui. It is also a ‘world-class central public activity area’ in urban planning, with unique natural landscapes and cultural resources.

The new Lingang Free Trade Area represents the highest level of China’s Pilot Free Trade Zone. It will become a special economic function area with more international influence and competitiveness, and it will be an innovative landmark of Shanghai and a beacon of talents from all over the world.

In the future, many international brands are bound to rise up in Qiantan and Lingang. As a local hotel brand, Artyzen has seized the opportunity.


Art Trend Habitat

Explore the humanities

As early as 2017, Artyzen Habitat Beijing Dongzhimen was unveiled, which is the first hotel opened by the group in the mainland.

In collaboration with young artists, the hotel integrates into the social and cultural atmosphere of the local community to create a shared space for millennials to work, play, relax, explore and community culture.

It was a success to test the waters in the mainland. “The Gen Z segment is very important to Artyzen Hotel Group. At present, nearly 40% of our hotels are under the Artyzen Habitat brand,” said Wen Peter.

This year, among the five projects unveiled in Shanghai, two are Artyzen Habitat, one is Artyzen’s brand debut, and the other is Artyzen, a well-built high-end lifestyle brand. The development of such a multi-brand full layout shows the Group’s confidence in the Shanghai market.


Representative hotel: Artyzenshotel Shanghai Qiantan

Artyzensport’s first show is located in Shanghai’s Qiantan, a fashionable neighborhood where art, urban culture and history collide with the brand’s advocacy of “exploring unique local designs and stories”.

Neri&Hu Design & Research Office is inspired by “the shadow of trees in Shanghai’s alleys”. When the light passes through the round hole and sprinkles into the interior to form light spots, the hotel lobby becomes a work of art.

The comfort of the stay is particularly important. The living room adjacent to the lobby is a gathering space for pleasant conversations; the shared living space distributed on the guest floor, providing self-service laundry and coffee facilities, can meet the needs of life.

Artyzen Living Collection

Representative hotel: Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Qiantan

                Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Lingang

Artyzen Habitat is designed for millennials, and the lobby, “Sifanghui”, is designed as a social space in different forms, providing residents with a place for leisure gatherings and work.

At Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Qiantan, the cultural show field surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and lush greenery—the stepped space is suitable for holding various cultural salons.

Recently, four Artyzen Habitat hotels held a limited-time Pop-up beer camp at the same time. People who like art and trendy lifestyles gathered here to bring joyful and interesting experiences such as craft beer, chef challenges, and local specialties. give everyone.

“Artyzen Hotel Group is different from general international brands. We hope to provide a different travel experience for travelers in the new era. It is not the same, but customized, focusing on lifestyle and cultural heritage,” said Winped.

The Artyzen Habitat Shanghai Lingang, located on the shore of Dishui Lake, meets the holiday needs of different groups of people.

The Yueju Lake View King Room has a panoramic view of the Dishui Lake. At the same time, it is equipped with a separate living room and a mini kitchen to provide business travelers with the convenience of home.

For family trips, MISS recommends staying in the astronomy-themed Leisure Stars Parent-Child Room, which provides telescopes, star tents, and star ceiling projections.

Artyzen Collection

Representative hotel: Artyzen Hotel Lingang Shanghai

Artyzen Hotels is the group’s high-end lifestyle brand, and each Artyzen hotel and resort is a window to showcase the local culture.

Artyzen Hotel Shanghai Lingang invited Yang Bangsheng to design, taking elements from the traditional dwellings in Xinchang Ancient Town, and applying wood carvings and carvings to the wall design of the public area to make the folk customs blow.

Just like Artyzen Hotel Group’s English name Artyzen, art has long been part of the hotel’s tonality.

The design team adheres to the design philosophy of “natural creation”. They placed the sculpture art “seed of the future” at the door, which implies the journey of a seed, blown by the wind from the other side of the world, and landed on the fertile soil to settle itself.


Redefine high-end lifestyle

Artyzen Hotel Group operates and manages 12 projects in Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and Maui, Hawaii. As a local company with an international vision, the group adheres to the business philosophy of “art, culture, emotional intelligence”, and at the same time integrates Eastern and Western cultures to create a high-quality lifestyle brand.

From the five aspects of “clothing, food, housing, transportation and entertainment”, we will meet the changing needs of millennials. “Clothing” is the aesthetics of life; “food” is the food culture; “living” is the dimension of life; “walking” is exploration and discovery and “joy” is the pleasure of traveling.

During the chat with Winnipeg, he kept emphasizing that Artyzen Hospitality Group is a local company with a focus on Chinese guests.

Next year, Artyzen Hotel Shanghai Qiantan 31 will be unveiled as a flagship store. The hotel is connected to Qiantan 31 Cultural Performance Center. Neri&Hu will introduce art and cultural elements into the hotel space.

Next, Artyzen Hotel Group will gradually expand to major cities in Greater China and Asia.

Another flagship store, Artyzen Hotel Singapore, will be the top property among the group’s hotels. It is located in the heart of Orchard Road and will feature a rooftop outdoor swimming pool to create a new lifestyle landmark in the city.

Also next year, popular travel destinations such as Suzhou, Zhuhai and Chongqing will also see Artyzen hotels.

We are looking forward to the new dynamism of this flying hotel group into the hotel industry.

Photography: Uncle Xue, Wiley

The picture comes from the Bund Design Hotel and the official