This “lacing” method has never been seen before! The civilian version of space shoes is so handsome to me!

In 2017, Reebok collaborated with the David Clark Company to produce a pair of space boots called Reebok Floatride Space Boot SB-01, which are used by astronauts to travel to and from the International Space Station.

After a few years, Reebok injected the design of the time into the new Reebok Floatride Energy Argus X , which can be understood as the “civilian version” Floatride.

Some time ago, the editor introduced an all-black color scheme to everyone, which attracted the attention of many players once it was exposed.

Recently, another khaki color was released in kind, and the video of the feet was exposed together.

The most eye-catching is the armor covered by the one-piece shoe body, which provides protection while adding a lot of technology.

It can be seen that the whole pair of shoes is designed with inner and outer boots, and elastic straps are used to fix the two.

Easy on and off with the Reebok rubber tab on the tongue and heel tab.

Another special feature is the innovative lacing method of these shoes , taking out the drawstring hidden in the armor and the raised particles hanging on the upper, which is really special.

The midsole has a considerable thickness, and the heightening effect must be good. Presumably, the foot feel will not disappoint everyone. Reebok has not lacked excellent sneaker designs in the past two years. What do you think of this new pair of shoes?

It is reported that the new Reebok Floatride Energy Argus X will be released in the next few weeks. There is currently no release price. In addition to the black and white two that have been exposed, there will be two new color schemes. Those who like it will have to be patient. Wait, we will also pay close attention and bring the latest news as soon as possible.

Pic via: evanbelforti