This is too handsome! Gamers transform the Nintendo Wii into a futuristic face mask

If you claim to be a veteran gamer, you must have owned many different styles of game consoles in your past gaming experience! What will happen to those game consoles that have been “eliminated” by the market? Some people will choose to sell them on the second-hand market, while others will use them as collections or as decorations. Recently, Dr. has seen a cool “waste utilization” idea in the player community, which is to transform an old antique game console into a mask full of futuristic technology!

In September, the “Cyberpunk 2077” derivative animation “Cyberpunk: Edge Walker” was broadcast globally, which increased the popularity of the game by the way. The producer CDPR said: The daily average active players of the game have exceeded one million people, and this state has been maintained for four weeks, which is quite impressive! And in cyberpunk games or animated albums, we can see all kinds of cool masks. The Doctor wanted to say: If you have an unused Wii at home, you can also get a windshield.

A Japanese player named “Zo3_ERC” showed us the whole process and final result of transforming the Wii console into a mask. He kept the front part of the main unit, abandoned most of the structure at the back, and added an LED effect to the inner side (it will emit blue light when turned on), and after wearing it, it has the feeling of a future technology robot. It’s worth mentioning: this mask is best paired with a hoodie, it’s very handsome!

In fact, even if the LED effect is removed, the Wii mask can still vaguely see the appearance of the host before the transformation. It’s just that the author added two buckle straps at the back, which is convenient to fix on the face, and the length of the strap can be adjusted, which is suitable for people with various face shapes. As for the problem of the mask glowing without being plugged in, “Zo3_ERC” did not give a clear answer. The doctor guessed that a battery should be installed inside.

Of course, it takes a certain amount of technology to transform the Wii into such a cool mask. On the back of the mask, we can see the structure inside, don’t say it, it’s quite complicated! Plus, the mask looks really cool, but it’s certainly not very comfortable. The author also mentioned: Wii masks are not breathable, so wearing them for a long time will make it difficult to breathe, so strictly speaking, this thing is not practical at all, it is only suitable for playing cool or cosplay role-playing activities.

“Zo3_ERC” also generously shared some details and secrets of the Wii mask, such as: before starting the transformation, you need to use software to make a simulation map, in fact, the feeling of black is not bad; the author’s motive for transformation is because he saw someone made N64 The mask, so I made a more handsome one; the Wii mask will look a bit dull without a hoodie; the mask is not easy to make, you need to have knowledge of cutting, welding, power distribution, and strong execution.

The most interesting design of the doctor is that the front cover of the Wii mask can be opened, and you can even insert a straw into it and drink a drink. The whole picture is a bit funny! Wii is a home game console launched by Nintendo on November 19, 2006. It was the first time to introduce somatosensory into the design of the console and won the favor of players. The sales exceeded 100 million units! The success of the Wii made Nintendo a bright spot in the gaming industry, and for fans, it was a very meaningful console. Instead of putting the Wii in the warehouse, it’s better to change it into a face mask to play tricks. Besides, masks are now standard for ordinary people, and the above creation is quite suitable for the occasion!