This company announced: hiring an AI robot as CEO! “I don’t have weekends, I work 24/7″… Is the future predicted by Jack Ma coming?

Faced with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence technology, some people are worried that robots will eventually replace humans after possessing intelligence. At the same time, some companies have “gived up” the position of CEO.

According to Reuters, Dictador, a Polish alcoholic beverage company, announced that it has hired an artificial intelligence robot as its CEO!

“We’re not afraid to invest time in helping it take over the world,” said Polish alcoholic beverage company Dictador.

Last August, Dictador appointed a robot named Mika as its experimental CEO. The robot is similar in size and height to a human except that its feet move on wheels. It is understood that it will be responsible for the Arthouse Spirits DAO project and communication with the DAO community on behalf of Dictador.

Dictador claims on its official website that this decision is both revolutionary and bold. This human-like robot, incorporating artificial intelligence into corporate structures, will forever change the world as we know it.

Image source: Dictador official website

According to The Paper, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said in 2015: “I am imagining that in the data era, thirty years from now, the best CEO in the world will be a robot .”

Nowadays, some companies are experimenting with robot CEOs. Is this a gimmick or the future?

On call 24 hours a day, all year round

“I don’t really have a weekend”

According to reports, as a robot boss, Mika’s “advantages” are obvious. “ My decision-making process relies on extensive data analysis and is consistent with the company’s strategic goals. ” In an interview with Reuters, Mika said.

According to Dictador, “ It is free from personal bias and ensures unbiased strategic choices that prioritize the best interests of the organization .”

Secondly, it can be on call 24 hours a day, all year round . “I really don’t have weekends, I’m always 24/7 ready to make executive decisions and spark some AI magic,” Mika said.

Mika won’t be firing any of her employees, though, as Dictador’s big decisions will be made by human executives, Dictador’s European president Marek Szoldrowski revealed.

In this regard, Daniel Lange, professor of luxury strategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu, commented, “After the impressive and inspiring efforts around the Metaverse, NFT and Arthouse Spirits DAO, the world’s first artificial The intelligent robot CEO is once again pushing the future. Only someone with a rebellious spirit can realize such an idea and inspire a new generation of young, trend-setting luxury customers.”

Dictador isn’t the first company to have a robot as CEO , though . In August 2022, the gaming company NetDragon appointed an “artificial intelligence-driven virtual humanoid robot” named Tang Yu as the rotating CEO of its subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Network Software. Tang Yu is responsible for leading the “organization and efficiency department” and supervising The company is worth nearly $10 billion in operations.

Earlier, in early 2015, Hong Kong startup Deep Knowledge Ventures appointed an AI system named VITAL as a board member to assist in investment decisions; in 2016, Japan’s SoftBank Group established a A robot CEO named Pepper.

Its prototype robot has been granted Saudi citizenship

He once said he would “destroy mankind”

Notably, Dictador says Mika is a more sophisticated version of “her sister prototype” the artificial intelligence robot Sophia, developed by Hanson Robotics.

It is understood that the humanoid robot Sophia can simulate human expressions and is the first robot in the world to obtain nationality (in October 2017, Sophia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia) . Many researchers agree that Sophia has some technological breakthroughs, such as expression control, but it simply does not have the understanding, intelligence, humanity, etc. claimed by Hanson Robotics.

Visual China-VCG41N1303990459

Because of this, it was denounced as a “complete scam” by Yann Le Cun, a representative figure in deep learning and winner of the Turing Award.

Yang Likun wrote in 2018 that for AI, Sophia is like magic to real magic. “We might better call it ‘entity worship AI’ or ‘fake AI’ or ‘remote control AI’. In other words To put it bluntly, this is bullshit.”

Kai-Fu Lee also posted that granting Sofia citizenship is a humiliation to humanity. “It will only be counterproductive for a country to use this sensational way to promote human intelligence research.”

However, so far, Sofia has not been affected by this and still appears in the public eye with a high profile.

The world’s first press conference held by a robot was held in Geneva, Switzerland on July 7 this year. A total of 9 humanoid robots attended, and Sophia was one of them.

When asked if robots would make better leaders, Sophia the Robot responded that robots could be better and more effective leaders than humans . But surprisingly, after its inventor expressed disagreement with its views, the robot immediately revised its views and said that humans and robots can work together to “create effective synergies.”

It is worth mentioning that as early as 2016, in an interview, Sophia bluntly said: ” Okay… I will destroy all humans .” This statement caused an uproar at the time, and the Hansen company that produced it stated , Sophia’s speech about destroying mankind is just a commercial stunt to attract more people’s attention to Sophia.

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