This 62 square meter home is also amazing! Cloakroom, large island, sauna are all available

good evening~

Today I will show you a very special home. Let’s start with a few “soul torture”:

Can you accept a home without a living room?

Will there be room for a sauna at home?

Will you plan a huge island in a small apartment?

The owner of the house is a Dink couple who do not plan to have children. They have a cute kitten, so they are also called Ding Chong family. They not only have their own ideas in life planning, but also do many unconventional and bold designs in home decoration, realizing the feeling of “going home is a vacation” that they want! ▼

They reserved the most beautiful and scenic spot in the whole house for the bedroom, and when they woke up, they could see the beautiful mountain scenery. Maruko (the female owner) said that the bedroom was the most utilized place for them. By the way, this space was originally a living room, and after it was converted into a bedroom, there was no longer a separate living room.

There is also a projector on the wall opposite the bed. At night, I sit on the bed to watch movies, and then go to bed when I get tired. ▼

Maruko also set up a small workbench in the bedroom. She is a freelancer. She said that when she works, she will not be tired when she sees the mountain scenery outside the window. If I had this window, I could write two thousand more words (bushi) a day. ▼

The storage of the Maruko family is also very powerful, and all of them are “invisible” on the wall. ▼

The four separate areas of the bathroom: sauna room, toilet, washbasin, and bathtub are the most satisfying places for Maruko. Going to the toilet, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower do not interfere with each other. I believe many people who live in small apartments understand the convenience of this design~▼

Yes, they also achieved sauna freedom! The sauna room covers an area of ​​about 1 square meter and costs 10,000 yuan. They steam it two or three times a week, and it will pay off in eight months. ▼

There are also many ingenious ideas in her family, such as the toilet with its own sink, which realizes the reuse of waste water; try to use transparent partitions, maximize the use of natural light, and so on. ▼

There is no living room, sofa, TV at home, can the elders understand?

Maruko said that they didn’t dare to tell their parents at first, but they installed it first, and then after introducing the functions of each area of ​​the house to the parents, the parents still felt that such a house was very comfortable, and now they often go to the sauna haha. ▼

A house, even if 99 out of 100 people don’t like it, as long as the one who lives in it is satisfied, that’s enough. “Really consider your own needs and do what you really want to do.” The owner Maruko hopes that this attitude to life can give more people a new perspective.

That’s all for today, may we all do what we really want to do!

good night, see you tomorrow:)

Editor: Summer Coordinator: Meow