Thinking of going back to Portugal? Ronaldo and girlfriend build Portugal’s most expensive mansion

  Although Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to the Manchester United first team and has scored goals in the Europa League, his relationship with coach Ten Hag seems to have eased, but there are signs that Cristiano Ronaldo is already preparing for a future departure from Manchester United .

  According to Spain’s “Marca” report, Ronaldo bought a mansion in Portugal, and the new home is likely to be the place where he will live after retirement.

  Ronaldo’s mansion is located in the Cascais region of Portugal. The villa is worth about 11 million euros, and the price of the house after renovation is likely to reach 21 million euros. “Marca” called it the most expensive mansion in Portugal.

  This mansion is currently under construction, with a plot of 2720 square meters, with three floors, gardens and a great swimming pool. The outside world speculates that Ronaldo cannot decorate the house he does not live in so luxuriously, so it is speculated that Ronaldo is probably already preparing for retirement or returning to Portugal to play football.

  Cristiano Ronaldo has always said that Cristiano Ronaldo has the possibility of returning to the Portuguese league. And even if he doesn’t go back to play football, it is inevitable for Ronaldo to consider retirement as he grows older.