Theshy has no place to train, and was scolded when he went to the national server for the first time, just because he chose long hands to hit the road

Recently, the popularity of the e-sports circle is very high. This year, great changes have taken place in our competition area. Many teams are also working hard to achieve good results. Among them, WBG is very exciting, because their lineup is really luxurious. Just look at it What kind of results can they achieve in the new season.

We see that theshy, the core of the team, is very happy now, because the new teammates treat him very well, but there are also some things that make him feel disappointed. For example, his usual Hanbok account was blocked, and it was blocked during the live broadcast. Hanbok has also released specific reasons.

The Hanbok side directly announced the blockade. As long as the player is not in the LCK, he is not allowed to have a Hanbok super account. It doesn’t matter if you are Korean or not, and it doesn’t matter if you are a foreign aid player in another competition area, as long as the IP address is not Korean. All regional accounts are blocked.

So now the players in our competition area have encountered a problem, that is, where to go to train, some people say that it is good to go to the national server to rank, but is the national server really suitable for training? The answer has been given out recently. We saw that Theshy has no place to train. He went to the national server for training for the first time this year, but he was scolded at the beginning because he chose the long hand to hit the road.

During the live broadcast of theshy recently, I told fans: Many non-version heroes on the national server are on the road, and I should choose Zeli. At this time, the player in the AD position was upset, and said directly: What are you doing with my hero? You put Zeli on it? Then ask him: What do you mean? Do you go to AD, or hit the road? theshy’s Chinese is not good, I thought he was asked to go to AD, so I replied: OK. In the end, he was called out, and then theshy said in a daze: What did he say, is he going on the road?

Then after entering the game, the player scolded: You don’t play AD, you choose P. Then I kept pinging Zeli, and theshy said: I can go anywhere, if he walks up, I will get off, if he goes down the road, I will go to the order, but where is he going? Then the assistant came up with a sentence: Whose brain is not good, don’t send it to the hospital, and those who celebrate the Chinese New Year will directly grab other people’s positions.

In the end, although the game was won, everyone was in a bad mood. In fact, to be honest, this matter was just a misunderstanding between the two parties. It is enough to clarify, but every time the problem is not explained clearly, and the problem is not resolved through communication. It’s just swearing, this environment is really not suitable for professional player training, so don’t delay the super server that broke the news before, let’s go online and let the players train, what do you want to say about this?