These mobile phones on Double Eleven are worth starting with, and the cost performance is very high

The annual Double Eleven promotion is here again. I believe that many small partners can’t wait to get their favorite products, especially digital products. The price reduction is very large, and even some new products have broken hair, but the discount No matter how big the range is, some models are not recommended to buy. After all, their cost performance and user experience are really bad. Today, the author will take stock of several mobile phones with excellent comprehensive quality, so that you can buy the most suitable one for you on Double Eleven. product.

gaming phone

At present, there are two main types of gaming phones on the market. One is based on the Red Devils and Black Sharks, and the e-sports elements are very obvious. The other is based on iQOO. Design some features and optimizations for the game.

If you are not a professional gamer, I still do not recommend you to buy a professional e-sports mobile phone such as Red Magic or Black Shark. Although their performance in games is very strong, in other aspects, such as system and photography, they are more general. , and the cost performance is not very high, it is not cost-effective for ordinary players to choose it, and iQOO is undoubtedly more suitable.

As a mobile phone released during the Double Eleven, iQOO Neo7 is excellent in terms of performance configuration and cost-effectiveness. The brand-new Dimensity 9000+ chip adopts TSMC’s 4nm process and has a running score of nearly 1.1 million, which is not yet available in the Snapdragon 8 Gen2. Before the release, there is no doubt that it is the strongest processor on the Android side, and with the independent display chip Pro+, it is no problem to deal with games such as Genshin Impact, Honor of Kings, and Peace Elite.

The screen uses Samsung’s 120Hz refresh rate 1080P E5 screen. Although the screen color is relatively good, it is a pity that it does not use 2K resolution. After all, the 2000 yuan models led by Redmi and realme have started to use 1.5K screens, iQOO Neo7 As a slightly higher-priced gaming phone, it is still using 1080P, which is really not right.

The battery life is equipped with a 120W fast charge + 5000mAh battery, which belongs to the current first-line level.

Gaming phones are often unsatisfactory in terms of images, but this time the iQOO Neo7 performs well. It uses Sony’s classic IMX766V main camera sensor with 50 million pixels and OIS image stabilization. Although IMX766 has been released for a long time, its strength It has been proved on many flagship models, and with vivo’s adjustment ability, although there is still a big gap from the top imaging, the level of the medium-to-high level is still no problem.

In general, iQOO Neo7 has a very strong price/performance ratio and performance. The whole machine has almost no shortcomings, but it also has no outstanding user experience. It belongs to the bucket model. Even if you don’t like to play games, it is only in terms of cost performance. Departure, you can also consider buying.

daily model

For daily use, the author still recommends Apple. Although there are many bugs in iOS16 in the near-end time, in terms of system dynamics and fluency, iOS is still stronger than Android.

Although the current iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max have broken the initial price, I still do not recommend buying them. Compared with the previous generation, there is almost no upgrade, the design remains the same, and the screen is still 60Hz refresh rate, which is not worth buying.

The most worthwhile iPhone to buy this year is undoubtedly the iPhone 14 Pro, but it should be noted that after testing by relevant bloggers, the A16 chip of the iPhone 14 Pro has a very small improvement compared to the previous generation A15, and the energy consumption ratio is even a bit backward, so the performance is better than the iPhone 13. The Pro is not much different, but in terms of appearance, the interaction between the “Pill Screen” and the Smart Island is definitely the biggest change in the iPhone series in recent years.

In addition to the appearance, the iPhone 14 Pro has finally been upgraded to a 48-megapixel main camera in terms of image. However, according to the evaluation of current users, the perception of camera improvement is not strong, and it seems that the algorithm still needs to be strengthened.

If you are an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series user, and you are not overly pursuing the new design and 4800W pixels of the iPhone 14 Pro, then the author does not recommend buying it.

camera model

If it is said that this year’s mobile phone has the strongest camera, then the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is definitely the existence that has to be mentioned. The super-powerful main camera sensor is combined with Leica’s joint adjustment. Once released, its photo-taking experience has been well received by users.

The main camera of Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra uses Sony IMX989 sensor, has a 1-inch outsole, and is also equipped with a 48-megapixel periscope telephoto and 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle. With the blessing of Leica joint adjustment, it has Leica classic image quality and There are two optional image styles of Leica’s raw image quality, and the imaging strength is indeed “German”. Judging from the evaluations of major e-commerce websites, consumers still recognize the image strength of the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is also equipped with the latest TSMC 4nm process Snapdragon 8+ processor. Compared with the previous generation Snapdragon 8 Gen1, the problem of heat and high power consumption has finally been solved. In terms of user experience, it is undoubtedly better. At least not like the Snapdragon 8Gen 1, which often overheats and reduces the frequency, causing the phone to freeze abnormally.

As the top flagship model of Xiaomi, the Mi 12S Ultra has almost no shortcomings in all aspects. The only regret is that it is not equipped with 120W fast charging, but only 67W fast charging, which is also criticized by many consumers. The point is, after all, even Redmi has 120W, but Xiaomi has not been equipped with it.

The Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra 12G+256G version is currently priced at 6499 yuan, which is really not cheap, but I personally think it is worth the money. Interested friends can take a look at the Double Eleven discount price and consider buying it.