Thermal underwear also has “technology and hard work”? Quality inspection experts have something to say

Modern Express (reporter Jiang Nan, Cao Kun text / photo) Electric thermal underwear, have you heard of it? In addition to electric heating, thermal underwear has also been blessed with black technologies such as “aerogel” and “graphene”. Winter is approaching, the market for thermal underwear has become active, and these technical terms have attracted the attention of many consumers, setting off a new trend in the sales market of thermal underwear.

△ Thermal underwear on the shelf

“Technology and hard work” on the thermal underwear e-commerce stage

“APP intelligent temperature control, multi-level heat, 28 areas to warm the whole body!” This year, many e-commerce companies have put on the shelves of electric thermal underwear, the price is as high as 500 yuan / set. The customer service of a businessman told reporters that there is a heating wire in the heating underwear, and with the velvet in the underwear, it can achieve the effect of instant heating. The clothes also have a charging port, which supports the mobile power supply of the power bank, and even supports the control of the mobile phone APP. Although it was a new product a few days ago, store data shows that 400 people have already placed an order. 

“Cationic patch black technology!” On social platforms, many bloggers posted a “grass show” of “patch thermal underwear”. The reporter’s inquiry found that compared with conventional thermal underwear, it has a layer of German velvet patches sewn on the waist, abdomen, knees and other places to achieve better thermal insulation by adding coverage to key parts. However, when the reporter asked the customer service of the relevant online store to verify the heating principle of “cationic black technology”, the customer service did not give a positive response, only saying that it was the effect of Derong.

Some stores have also launched “skin nourishing underwear”. A store advertisement said that the outer layer of the “skin nourishing underwear” is made of imported German velvet heating fiber, and the inner layer is made of large silk patches, which not only doubles the warmth, but also has the function of “amino acid skin nourishment”, which enriches the protein On the surface of the fiber, it takes care of the skin and does not feel itchy when worn on the body.

△ “Skin nourishing thermal underwear” on the e-commerce platform

In addition to these, names with a sense of technology such as “far-infrared self-heating technology” and “graphene material” also appeared on the thermal underwear advertisements on the e-commerce platform this year, attracting the attention of consumers.

I want both temperature and demeanor, young people love “black technology”

“In order to attract young people to buy, our fabrics and styles this year are mainly fashionable, compact and highly elastic.” A staff member of an underwear brand chain store told reporters that this year’s best-selling underwear uses “hot red bean velvet black technology”—— Through the heating technology of foreign acrylic fibers, the moisture generated by the skin’s breathing is converted into heat energy; at the same time, it is very compact when worn on the body, and it does not generate static electricity, which is very popular among young people.

△ The effect of a certain thermal underwear

 “Although the cotton underwear my parents bought in the past was very comfortable to wear and kept warm, but after wearing it a few times, it was deformed after washing, and it was dragged outside the sleeves and trouser legs, which was not very good-looking.” Xiao Li, who is shopping for underwear, told me Reporter, he prefers thin and tight new fabric underwear to pure cotton underwear.

The reporter visited and found that in addition to the popular “De velvet” in recent years, this year’s thermal underwear on the market also includes “coffee carbon”, “pearl velvet”, “salam”, “Ix” and other new fabrics that are light and slim, with the lowest price. As long as fifty or sixty yuan, if it is high, it will cost two or three hundred yuan.

An organization’s “2022 Thermal Underwear Category Insight Report” pointed out that material innovation is the driving force behind the progress of the apparel industry, and the thermal underwear industry has a better control over the direction of innovation. The innovation of thermal insulation materials such as breathability, strong moisture absorption, and high elasticity is the main development direction of thermal underwear in recent years; and the trend group is an important buyer of thermal underwear. There is a need for a weak sense of existence, and thermal underwear has shown a development trend of seamless integrated weaving.

Quality inspection experts: keep your eyes open when dealing with “high-tech”

So, what is the technological content of these materials? Experts from the Nanjing Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection said that most manufacturers of thermal underwear on the market currently claim that the thermal underwear they sell has a layer of “high-tech” material, and the thermal effect is several times that of traditional cotton thermal underwear. But its so-called “high-tech” is “heating fiber”, and its principle is to use the moisture generated by absorbing the skin of the human body to achieve the effect of heating. The traditional thermal insulation is mainly to prevent the heat from the body from escaping, while the heating fiber is a new material that heats itself and warms the body. Its water absorption is much stronger than other types of fibers. At present, the heating degree of thermal underwear is about 3-5 degrees.

That is to say, heating underwear is actually an underwear that uses special fiber materials and has the effect of “absorbing moisture and keeping warm”. However, it should be noted that not all fibers or products have a good heating effect as advertised, so consumers are advised to treat them rationally.

Experts from Nanjing Quality Inspection Institute remind consumers to pay attention to the logo when buying thermal underwear. At present, the underwear components on the market include cotton, wool, silk, hemp, polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc., as well as new fiber components such as “modal” and “lyocell”. If you buy close-fitting underwear, it is better to use natural fibers such as cotton and wool, and regenerated cellulose fibers such as viscose and modal. It is worth noting that some underwear on the market are marked with names such as “Salam” and “Ix”, which are actually aliases given by manufacturers to their own fabric fibers, which do not meet the standards.

△ The more common thermal underwear

In addition, consumers can also distinguish the quality of thermal clothing by listening to the sound. According to experts, the old-fashioned thermal underwear is a layer of ultra-thin hot-melt film added to the thermal lining, which is easy to make a “rustling” sound when wearing it, and has poor air permeability, which affects the comfort of wearing. When purchasing, consumers can shake or rub the thermal underwear lightly with their hands, and do not choose products that sound “rustling”.

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