There will be a strong wind and dusty weather in Beijing this week

Beijing News (Reporter Wang Jingxi) The key word of Beijing weather this week is “wind and sand”. According to the forecast, from the night of March 21 to March 22, strong winds will strike again, accompanied by local blowing of sand or floating dust. In addition, the temperature this week generally shows a downward trend. From tomorrow to Saturday, the maximum temperature will drop from 19°C to 10°C.

Today (March 20) morning, the sky was gray. Affected by the weather, the visibility in most parts of Beijing was about 3 kilometers from this morning to the morning. As the sun rises, the visibility improves slightly, but the humidity increases at night. It is expected that the visibility will further decrease tonight. The lowest visibility in some areas is 1-2 kilometers. Pay attention to traffic safety when driving at night. The skies will remain overcast tomorrow with continued poor visibility and diffuse conditions.

Tomorrow’s vernal equinox will be cloudy and cloudy, and the daytime will be relatively calm. At night, strong winds and dust will strike again. According to the forecast of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, affected by the strong cold air, from midnight on the 21st (Tuesday) to the 22nd (Wednesday), there will be northerly winds of about magnitude 4 and gusts of magnitude 7 in Beijing, accompanied by local sand blowing or In dusty weather, wind and sand protection should be taken into account when going out. The main impact period of sand and dust is from midnight on Tuesday to noon on Wednesday, and the current intensity is about the same as last time.

Where does the dust in Beijing come from? According to the staff of the Beijing Meteorological Bureau, there is a Mongolian cyclone in the east of Mongolia. Like an “exhaust fan”, it will roll the dust on the surface into the sky, and then blow it to Beijing through the north wind, forming a dust weather. . Mongolian cyclones mainly move eastward, so the heaviest part of the cyclone does not head straight for Beijing. It should be noted that during the strong wind period, there may be weak rainfall in the southern part of Beijing. Combined with sand and dust, there will be “mud rain”. You can put on the car cover in advance on Tuesday night, and wash the car when the strong wind passes on Wednesday and the wind is calm on Thursday.

Since March, Beijing has experienced two sandstorms. Why is there so much dust this year? According to meteorological experts, the high temperature and low precipitation this year are the main reasons. From late February to early March this year, the temperature was relatively high, which led to the earlier melting of snow in the sand source, and the sandy soil was exposed in advance; in the middle of March, the precipitation began to be relatively low, resulting in the failure of vegetation to grow. Under the combined influence, the sandy soil on the surface is more likely to be exposed, and sand will be blown up when there is a strong wind.

It is expected that this week (March 20-26), the weather in Beijing will be mainly cloudy to sunny for most of the time, and the temperature will generally show a downward trend.

Meteorological experts reminded that there will be light fog or fog at night, and visibility will be low. Please pay attention to traffic safety when driving. The north wind will gradually pick up in the middle of the night tomorrow, and there will be sand blowing in the local area. When going out, pay attention to wind and sand protection; the wind is dry and the things are dry, so pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity, and beware of fires. The seasons alternate, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, and the temperature rises rapidly during the day. When going out, please adjust your clothing according to the temperature change and beware of catching a cold.

Editor Liu Mengjie

Proofreading Liu Jun