There is nothing to say, a good brother who has been a good brother for 6 years, in the end, he has caught my weakness and wanted to catch me?

In the current environment, more and more people begin to complain that it is difficult to meet pure feelings now, and most of them are too material, which leads many people to not believe in feelings and maintain a pessimistic attitude. However, the reason for this perception is that there are many people complaining, so this impression is left. In reality, there are not many couples with pure feelings in life. For example, a netizen recently shared with everyone that he met fairy girl.

This netizen is a game anchor. In a video clip of a game, he shared with fans his experience of being confessed by a “good brother”. Of course, the “good brother” mentioned here does not mean that the other party is a boy, but because this netizen has known his sister friend for 6 years, and the two often play games together. Brothers match.

The two often play games together, because the game live broadcast by this netizen is “Eternal Calamity”, and the girl naturally follows him into the pit. However, the netizen said that the girl’s skills are relatively poor, so she often cedes resources to him in the game, and she also tries her best not to hold back, which makes the audience who eat melons suddenly sour.

However, because the netizen is just a small game anchor and the number of fans is not large, the income from live broadcast is not high, so life is quite difficult, and after paying off the mortgage every month, he may have to ask friends for support. After the girl learned about this, she immediately confessed to him, and said that she would help him through the difficulties and would not let him get into trouble again.

I have been able to get along with the girl for 6 years, and it is also very pleasant to play games together. It is more or less emotional, and the girl’s words are sincere and caring. The netizen is naturally very moved, and even wants to agree directly. However, he calmed down and rejected the girl. He thought that he could not give the girl a good life, and he felt that he could not delay the girl.

The netizen’s sincere confession aroused the empathy of countless audiences, who supported him, supported him to take that step bravely, and promised the girl to be with her. However, among the many voices of support, there were many people who went astray, and instead paid attention to the “Eternal Calamity” edited by the netizen.

An audience member saw the netizen’s operation in “Eternal Calamity” and very humbly asked him how to operate it. There are also audiences with better game skills, saying that his operation is not delicate enough and pointing out the problem. It seems that these audiences are all players of “Eternal Calamity”, and their interest in the game is obviously higher than that of the story.

The discussion about the game part also caused a lot of laughter, but the story shared by this netizen is really touching, and it is about to become the new standard of contemporary good men. What do you think about the reason why this netizen rejected the girl