There is always someone putting a bottle of mineral water next to the bar, is it to hide from the alcohol? In fact, there are many uses

I believe everyone has encountered such a thing. When going to the wine bureau, some people will always have a bottle of mineral water next to them. People who don’t know why will have a question: ” Is this to hide alcohol?”

They think that the purpose of the person who brings mineral water at the wine board is to replace the white wine in his glass with water when no one else is watching, so that he can not get drunk, but is this really the case? it’s not true! In fact, there are many uses.

[First] dilute alcohol to avoid damage to the stomach

The biggest use of putting a bottle of water next to the wine board is this. Drinking plenty of water at the same time can effectively dilute the alcohol in liquor, reduce the damage of alcohol to the stomach, and better protect your stomach.

【Second】Promote urination and relieve drunkenness

Drinkers know that the easiest way to get drunk slowly and sober up quickly is to drink plenty of water, because this can promote urination, and the alcohol in the body will never be excreted from the body, and the problem will naturally be solved.

[Third] Clean the mouth and avoid food affecting the taste of the wine

Many people may not understand this point, but in fact, if you pay more attention to the taste of liquor than the stimulation, it is necessary to drink water, because the taste of food will affect the taste of the liquor, so clean Dishes will not be affected afterwards.

[Fourth] Replenish water to avoid dehydration after drinking

This is also a very important skill that many people often ignore. You will find that your body will become dry and hot after drinking. This is actually the process of evaporating water in your body, so drink plenty of water at the same time , to avoid dehydration in the body.

Having said that, let me share with you 3 good ways to drink healthily and relieve drunkenness.

[Method 1] Eat more vegetables while drinking

Don’t think about eating meat when drinking alcohol, but also eat more vegetables, because vegetables are rich in vitamins, which can remove fat from the body, enhance blood circulation, avoid alcohol accumulation, and avoid increased alcohol concentration in the blood .

[Method 2] Drink more milk when drinking

Drinking milk while drinking is also a good way to protect the stomach, because after drinking milk, a protective film will be formed in your stomach. Drinking alcohol at this time can effectively reduce the irritation of alcohol on the stomach.

[Method 3] Drink only grain wine

In fact, no matter what the method is, it is not as reliable as drinking only grain wine. After all, grain wine is made of grain. There is no edible alcohol, flavoring and other additives. The quality is better, and the burden on the body will naturally be smaller.

Therefore, when you usually drink, you must remember to drink only grain wine. If you don’t know which liquors are safe to drink on the market, you can also take a look at this “Master Han Dong Liquor”, which has a good reputation in recent years A good wine.

This wine is a sauce-flavored baijiu. Although it is not well-known, the winery has a long history of making wine. It has been nearly 70 years, and it has always adhered to its original intention of only using grain to make wine.

The grain it uses is not ordinary sorghum, but red sorghum with thicker skin, so it can withstand more cooking and cooking, and never emits a richer aroma. Its brewing technology is the most complicated Kunsha process, and the blending method is used The base wine and flavoring wine are 6-year-old and 10-year-old wine respectively, so its taste is very strong and comfortable, without irritation, and it has the reputation of “Little Moutai” in the local area.

At the end, do you now understand why some people carry a bottle of water with them when they drink?