There has never been an MMO that can make me wander for six hours without leaving the novice village

The fantasy sea is unexpected.

Readers who are familiar with us should not be unfamiliar with “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games”. Recently, we have written several articles about it, each of which can be said to use an almost “exaggerated” tone to describe the “breakthrough” of this mobile game in the “MMO” category.

However, no matter how much we praise its courage and explain the possibility of its “breakthrough”, this unrealized project will always give people a sense of distrust – you must know that the “idealism” that has not been realized ‘, after all, it’s just empty words.

And just in the past few days, “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game” finally opened its first “blind box test” in the “long-awaited”, showing a relatively complete early game version. Taking this opportunity, we entered this “breathing river and lake”, and after in-depth experience, re-examined the “big ambitions” of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games”.

It should be noted in advance that this article will not discuss too much technical content. Even though “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” has taken out a picture quality comparable to that of a terminal game from a technical black box that I don’t know where it came from, and under such picture quality, it has achieved real-time CG calculation throughout the whole process, but we always think: although the picture performance is One of the important factors affecting the game experience, but it will never be decisive, and each player’s view of the screen performance will fluctuate due to different players’ devices – this is obviously unfair.

Therefore, we will avoid mentioning these – since it is a game, we will try to only talk about the game.

However, it is not without surprises in terms of technology. The design of “changing the character’s face shape through a simple four-way style trend” has really brought great convenience to my “pinch face and hard hand”.

The same face pinching data, as you adjust the style tendencies of elegance, deepness, insidiousness, immaturity, etc., can effectively change the appearance of the character. Although it is only a small adjustment, the actual effect is very significant. This has indeed achieved the goal of “thousands of people and thousands of faces” that they hoped to achieve, and it has to make people feel that Leihuo’s achievements in the field of “character pinching” are unparalleled in the world.

Well, let’s get down to business now, let’s talk about games.

Overall, the look and feel of Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games is quite amazing, and I don’t want to use a black-and-white way to describe its good and bad. Essentially, I think it is almost a different form of game compared to many current “Martial Arts MMOs” – if the game experience of ordinary “Martial Arts MMO” is compared to “white rice”, then “Reverse Water Cold” “Mobile Games” is “Super Invincible Seafood Fried Rice”. Although it is also based on the “MMO” gameplay, the richness of the gameplay of “Backwater Cold” can be said to be staggering.

In an “MMO”, being overwhelmed by the vast amount of playable content you can choose is a wonderful experience – and I never imagined such a thing happening before playing “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Games”.

It’s really fun to gossip with people all over the street

The biggest difference in experience between “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” and other “MMOs” lies in its shaping of the “sense of exploration”. To a certain extent, its design in terms of “open world”, “various interactions”, “breathing rivers and lakes”, etc., ultimately serves the core of “exploration”, in order to show “martial arts” Great World” goal.

This is…something that violates the laws of “MMO”. Because the “MMO” type of game, with so many years of iteration, has become more and more social, and has almost embarked on a completely different design route from the game that emphasizes “single-player experience” – buildings in the city, The scenery in the suburbs and the people living in the city are often just a background board for players to get together to “play books”.

But “Anti Shui Han Mobile Games” does the opposite. When players first get started, if they follow their “exploration” and gallop freely, they will find that this is almost a game that can be played very happily by a single player. Although there is a 30-player group book, a gang system, and strong social gameplay such as a 120-to-120 super-large battlefield, players can experience most of the game without interacting with people. “Dungeon”, a game that allows players to team up to participate, will also have NPC helpers to assist players in the subsequent update plan.

From now on, you can play team books without teammates.

In the early publicity of “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game”, a key point was “a brand new social ecology” – players can choose whether to socialize more freely in the game, and “social fear” players can also get an excellent game experience. And this kind of game form with complex interweaving of online games and stand-alone attributes is probably the best solution for them to realize this “social ecology” blueprint.

If you want players to be able to socialize freely, then “socialization” in the game must become an option, not a “necessity”. In order to achieve this goal, the game must give everyone a complete game framework, so that all “social gameplay” becomes the “icing on the cake” attached to this framework.

In May of this year, the producer of “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game” published an article describing what kind of game he wanted to make.

Judging from the current test content of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games”, they have achieved this goal to a certain extent – and this is due to their shaping of the “sense of exploration”. This kind of shaping is not something that can be solved simply by adding a few “single-player gameplay” to the game-fishing and farming, killing monsters and digging for treasure. These “single-player gameplay” have been used in almost all previous “MMOs”. All have appeared, but they have never shaken the strong social attributes of the game itself.

In order to make players feel a clear sense of “exploration” in an “MMO”, what is needed is to make the concepts of “adventure”, “scratch the ground”, “I want to go there and see”, “I think there is something here”, and All the gameplay systems of the game are tightly intertwined, becoming a source of fun for the game, and allowing players to “explore” the world can also become the purpose of entering the game.

Others are fishing, I’m frying

In “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games”, this “sense of exploration” comes from the multi-level shaping of the game at the micro and macro levels. In this game, “Internet of Everything” is not an illusory vocabulary. The ecology of rivers and lakes built by NPCs and the interactions that players can perform are all adding to the vitality of the world little by little.

In the past, the huge cities in “MMOs” were usually “on the surface”, which was just a condiment to increase the atmosphere of the game, and the necessary scenes for players to complete the main task and side tasks. Even with the advancement of technology, the NPCs who live in them have certain activity trajectories, but players don’t care much about the lives of “passers-by A, B, C, and D” during the game.

However, in “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Games”, thanks to the reference to the “Assassin’s Creed” series and the “Fate of Heaven” series, they constructed a set of complex tasks ranging from main quests to side quests, to rumors and adventures The system injects the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the NPCs living in the scene into it.

“Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” makes NPCs have a more “life-like” state to the maximum extent that “MMO” can express: they will yell when they are disturbed by the sound of players stepping on tiles on the roof. You will be amazed when you spray the perfume on the player, and you will complain when you are hit by the player when you are on your way.

Their existence is no longer just a tool for players to complete the main line and side tasks. Their troubles and worries will turn into specific needs, filling the scene where the player is. As big as saving the world, or as small as the strange rumors of water monkeys spread in the village, they will all be embodied in the form of “rumor” and added to the playable content of the player in the current scene.

There are all kinds of situations in the rivers and lakes, everyone has their own pursuits, and the relationship between people is very thin. When players get along with people in this, they often affect the whole body. If you solve a girl’s need for perfume, you may save a life indirectly; if you satisfy the desire of children by the sea for “fried spray”, you may learn a good martial art.

The emotions and needs of these people not only affect themselves, but also have a “butterfly effect” general impact on the main plot process of the game itself.

The most intuitive manifestation is that this work refers to the gameplay of interactive plot games such as “Detroit: Incarnation”, so that the main plot of the game has countless branches: the completion of a “rumor” task may allow players to unlock some boosts Favorable options for the plot, which ultimately lead the plot of the game to different endings. At the same time, the impact of a plot option change may only appear quietly after a few plot chapters.

Each of these different options can be re-selected through the plot retracement

So far, “Reverse Water Cold” has completed a connection between tasks at different levels. By subdividing the game’s task system into layers and filling in a lot of content, it has successfully erased the previous “MMO” games, players and NPCs. The problem of the sense of separation between them – this huge task network with “rumor”, “sub-line” and “main line” connected with each other has made the game experience of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” improved from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Making the world more alive and allowing players to be more immersed in the “galloping” of this world has always been the way of domestic martial arts MMOs. And walking to “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” is also considered to be a new node.

Some NETA memes are quite funny

A living world means that players can have countless things to explore in the game. What builds a bridge between players and the world is the endless “interaction means” provided by “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” for players.

In “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Games”, players have the first-class interaction method in all “MMOs” and even all “RPGs” – just “Jianghu Wushu” that can be used as skills, including “fire” “” There are more than a dozen skills including functions such as “freezing”, “air blowing” and “carrying”. Among the players’ “expressions”, there are also actions such as “digging the ground” and “carrying incense”. And these skills and actions can interact with the things in the scene and the NPC – for example, when you use “fire” on the NPC, the NPC will not only curse, but also find a nearby water source to solve the “urgent need”; another example, When you are more courteous to the NPC, then it is possible to get the NPC’s gift in return.

Go down with a hoe under the big tree, you can dig treasure

Multiple interactive actions have given “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” enough confidence to stuff all kinds of strange interactive events into the game. Under the framework of an “MMO” game, all the interactive event designs that can be realized are mostly expressed to varying degrees in “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” – just the treasure chests placed on the map, there are digging, chasing butterflies, There are different ways to open the box, such as burning, smashing, and unlocking. There are dozens of types of interactive puzzle solving in the game. I still don’t know how many puzzle types I haven’t encountered yet, given that I’ve experienced this game deeply enough.

This kind of screen can be seen no less than 20 times during the game

This is also a process of qualitative change caused by quantitative change, which brings about all-round interaction between players and the game world. When players play this game, there are surprises every moment. Every two steps, there is an event to be triggered waiting for the player to discover – this is not an exaggeration to say, just the scene of “Sweet Water Lane” at the beginning of the game, There are dozens of treasure chests that can be found. When you think you have dug out the current scene, less than 50% of the exploration will tell you that there are still many secrets hidden in the corners that you do not know.

This prop can relieve a lot of pressure in the follow-up exploration.

It was an extremely impactful experience. Whether it is the scene of “Sweet Water Lane” with a stronger “single-player feeling”, or the scene of “Taoxi Village” with more intensive arrangement of events and more diversified content, it is clear that in “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game”, players are rushing on their own horses. When you are in the rivers and lakes, you can see what kind of big world.

Take my actual experience of the game as an example – I was completely immersed in the experience of looking for interactive events in the mountains and fields. Just the two scenes that belonged to the beginner village at the beginning, I spent about six hours in it. But at this time, my exploration progress in Taoxi Village was only 50%. Exploring puzzles, adventures, and butterfly events almost filled the six hours of gameplay, and I hardly felt any “garbage time”.

What’s even more terrifying is that these ubiquitous interactive events are not only extremely rich in gameplay and types, but also reflect the design concept of “more is beauty” in number – even if you don’t count adventures and butterfly events, Just counting the number of puzzles, we can get a data: Bianjing has 271, Taoxi Village has 281, Sanqingshan has 103, Hangzhou has 249, Cizhou has 293, Yanmenguan has 201, Song-Liao border has 201 288 – that is to say, at present, “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” has a total of 1686 puzzles in the “blind box test” stage.

So what level of quantity is this? To put it simply, in the six hours of opening the server, I cleaned up all the puzzles I could encounter with high intensity, and only managed to complete 50% of the exploration progress of Taoxi Village. From this, it can be judged that if you want to completely solve the 1686 puzzles in the “Blind Box Test” phase of “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Games” (there will definitely be some more difficult ones in the middle), it will take hundreds of hours. The independent single-player experience of the game is definitely impossible to escape.

Not to mention, in the future, “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game” will also update Southern Xinjiang, Dali, Liao Kingdom, Western Regions Kunlun, Donghai, Bashu and other places, countless interactive events and NPC relationship networks that affect the whole body. It’s enough to make “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” an alternative “open world stand-alone game”.

Of course, you may be curious – I have been exploring, wouldn’t it be quickly thrown away by the large troops who are concentrating on task leveling? Can’t keep up with the version anymore?

I also thought of this question. After six hours of exploration, I remembered that my main thread had not progressed. What’s interesting is that although I didn’t advance the main storyline, players were able to gain experience by unlocking puzzles during the exploration process. My long-term exploration made my character level up to the forties. At this time, when I looked at the necklace with a very cool name given by the main story, it was only a level 9 piece of equipment, and I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Thirty levels worse than the necklace I’m wearing now

Of course, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. On the contrary, the emergence of this situation shows that “everyone can find their favorite game mode” claimed by “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” is a concept that has been implemented throughout this game. Even a “non-professional” player like me can find their own space in this world because of a pure “sense of exploration”, which is really commendable for an “MMO”.

What is even more commendable is that “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game” thoroughly implements the “sense of exploration” into the core system of all games, rather than simply using it as a pastime for players to form a team.

In the game, not only the main storyline experienced by the player will be affected by the player’s “exploration” process, but also the combat gameplay that is most valued by most players, and there are also parts that are deeply involved in “exploration”.

The abilities such as “fire” and “freeze” mentioned earlier not only exist as interactive abilities for players to explore the map, but also exist as actual combat skills during the battle – even, they interact with each other. The mix and match will also produce linkage effects.

They said in the announcement that they learned “Yuanshen”, so it turned out to be true learning.

This kind of general martial arts known as “Jianghu martial arts” has dozens of types in the game, which are distributed in every corner of the world. Players must take the initiative to explore, get in touch with different NPCs, and complete different “rumours” before they can learn these “martial arts”.

do you know? You can learn skills even by being struck by lightning

This is the specific meaning of “returning the power to the rivers and lakes” in the propaganda of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game”. The battle system of the player character, in addition to the skills carried by the genre itself, “Jianghu Martial Arts” will also become an important part. And because of the different choices of each player, it is enough to derive ever-changing skill combinations.

In addition to these “martial arts”, there is also a “stealing teacher” option that has not yet been opened in this test. According to the previous promotion of “Reverse Water Cold Mobile Game”, this will be a gameplay system that allows players to stealthily learn NPC martial arts – at that time, after the addition of this system, the player’s combat experience will be due to “exploration”, And there is a greater degree of change.

The system is not yet open

Combining the “blind box test” content of the entire “Blind Box Test” of “Anti Shui Han Mobile Games”, although it cannot be asserted that “Ning Shui Han Mobile Games” has truly brought a revolution to the “MMO” game world, you can be sure that this is indeed true. It is a unique “MMO” mobile game – it will bring a game experience that is completely different from the previous similar games.

Of course, it won’t be perfect either. There are still many problems in the current version of the game.

For example, the UI of the game has serious redundancy, because the game itself has a very large amount of content, but the UI of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” cannot well allow players to understand the respective entry and interaction logic of these content.

In addition, although the addition of “Jianghu Wushu” makes the combat construction of this game have a different type of experience, in the actual game process, the “Jianghu Wushu” with only two slots is still too cramped – whether it is When exploring or fighting, players need to frequently change “Jianghu Martial Arts” due to different needs. With the breakthrough of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game”, it is completely possible to add a set of equivalent Jianghu martial arts slots in addition to the genre skills. I hope they can improve it in the subsequent development process.

Only these two slots are really too few

In addition, the optimization problem of the game itself is a bit serious, and the excessively high image quality still brings a lot of burden to the player’s equipment. The problems of freezing and frame drop frequently occur during the game, which seriously affects the experience of the game itself.

However, given that the game is still in beta, these issues can be corrected in subsequent development. More importantly, the foundation of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Games” in this test is enough to look forward to. If they can continue to maintain the current development ideas in the follow-up development, then the official version of “Adverse Water Cold Mobile Game” is not without the possibility of truly setting off a “revolution” – at least, it is also a way to bring people Come to the “MMORPG” of excellent and unique experience.