There are vertical lines on the fingernail, what’s the matter? Is it really “the liver is not good” as the old man said?

Introduction: We all know that when people’s bodies have some bad conditions, they are usually observed first through the performance of a certain organ of the body . Therefore, in our daily life, many people actually make a corresponding basic judgment on their own physical health by observing the changes of body organs .

It is a very common phenomenon to observe the fingernails. As an indispensable part of the skin of the body, the nails can not only protect the fingers , but also help to reflect the health problems of the body to a certain extent.

If you usually pay attention to observation, you will find that there are more or less small vertical lines on our fingernails. Many people think that the vertical lines on the nails are related to poor liver, so is this really the case? ?

There are vertical lines on the fingernail, what’s the matter? Is it really the “bad liver” that the old man said?

For normal people, most of the fingernails are pink , and the surface is smooth and flat, with a certain luster, and it is not prone to breakage.

As the age continues to grow, the body’s fingernails will gradually appear uneven vertical lines, and these vertical lines are not only visible to the naked eye , but if you touch them with your hands, you can also clearly touch the nails. Grooves and bumps.

As time goes on, these vertical lines on the fingernails will become more and more obvious.

At this time, some people will start to panic in their hearts. Is there something wrong with their own body? Is the liver bad?

In fact, the appearance of vertical lines on the nail cap is considered to be a bad liver. Such a statement is very one-sided. The increase of vertical lines on the nail does not mean that the liver is not good . The vertical lines have nothing to do with the liver.

Liver disease does not directly affect the changes in the fingernails. Vertical lines on the fingernails indicate that the liver is not good. This statement is generally derived from traditional Chinese medicine.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the liver dominates the tendons, and its beauty is in the claws, and our nails are also part of the tendons.

When there is a problem with the liver, it will easily affect the liver function and reduce its own detoxification and metabolism, resulting in black vertical stripes on the nails.

However, not every patient with liver disease will have this symptom. Vertical streaks on the nails are not necessarily caused by liver disease, but may also be caused by physiological factors, or corresponding problems caused by lack of nutrients.

Vertical streaks on the nails, or related to these causes

Vertical lines on the nails are mostly related to the following reasons:

Physical factors: For example, long-term manual laborers do not pay attention to protecting their hands during the labor process, and the eating nails are often stimulated by friction, which will easily lead to vertical lines on the nails;

Physiological factors: Physiological factors actually include aging factors, which mainly occur in middle-aged and elderly people, which are also a manifestation of nail aging;

Certain diseases: such as platform ringworm, onychomycosis, etc., will easily damage the nail plate, resulting in vertical lines on the nails;

Malnutrition: For some patients with chronic wasting diseases, or long-term malnutrition, it is easy to cause malnutrition in the nails, and this problem will also easily lead to vertical lines.

How can I avoid vertical lines on my nails?

nail care

Pay attention to cutting nails and trimming barbs frequently. You can also apply hand cream to the nails when applying hand cream, and increase the blood circulation of the nail bed through massage, which will help to fully nourish the nails and keep the nails in good condition. Healthy and natural state.

Balanced diet

Eating more foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and maintaining a balanced nutritional intake can not only improve the health of the armpits, but also improve the health of the skin, hair and whole body.

Avoid damage to nails

Avoid biting your nails, use strong chemicals or solvents, and avoid excessively sharpening your nails with a file , which can easily damage your nails.

If you suspect that your liver is not good, see if you have these 3 signs in your hands

“Liver palm” appears

The appearance of the palm of the liver represents a decline in liver function. It is mainly manifested in the size of both sides of the palm, and the thenar has pink spots. After pressing down , the skin will become paler, and when the hand is loosened, it will turn red.

Abnormal blue veins on the back of the hand

Because the liver regulates the liver qi, if the liver is not good, it will be prone to problems such as insufficient blood storage and poor liver qi, which will easily lead to the problem of abnormal blue veins on the back of the hand.

Nails are not smooth

The unevenness of the nails is also closely related to the health of the liver. The nails of normal people are smooth and neat . If you feel that the nails are pitted, and there will be pits after shrinking, it means that the liver qi is stagnant and there is also a problem of insufficient qi and blood.