There are no door handles! Baidu Li Yanhong builds a car, asking price of 400,000, parameters exposed

After 605 days of building the car, Robin Li can’t wait to sell the first car in Jidu – the robo 01 (Melee 01) Moon Probe Limited Edition.

Robo 01, let’s just call it “Melee 01”. After all, Li Yanhong wanted to take this car to fight with Musk, Li Xiang, Li Bin, He Xiaopeng and others.

The press conference was held in Shanghai last night, and the cat cub ran with him online.

Hand to hand 01 interior, the screen is so big

This time, the parameters and performance of the melee 01 have been announced, and there is no door handle. When you run to the car and shout the door, it will automatically open the door.

When the veil of the price was finally announced, a large wave of unsubscribe messages appeared in the comment area.

Just take a screenshot, it is a message that netizens say is too expensive.

Some netizens even said, “The scene is full of employees.”

I don’t know if it’s a marketing tool from a competitor company or a trustee, but this price, we all think it’s expensive, nearly double the price of the previous hair dryer…


It is said that the low-end models will only be priced at more than 200,000, while the limited edition of the lunar probe is positioned at the mid-to-high end.

Spend 400,000 to buy hand-to-hand combat 01, why not buy the extreme krypton 001 YOU version?

Wearing a “Baidu Smart” halo on your head, is it so valuable?

Hand-to-hand combat 01, performance parameter exposure

There’s nothing to say about the price. Hand-to-hand 01 is obviously going to compete with “Wei Xiaoli”, Tesla, and Jikr 001.

Oh no, there is no extreme krypton, after all, Jidu and extreme krypton are also “distant cousins”.

The best way for a newcomer to start a car is to find an expert to cooperate.

At the beginning, Jidu was an auto robot startup company initiated by Baidu and invested by Geely Automobile, of which Baidu held 52.38% of the shares of Jidu Automobile.

A year and a half later, Jidu released the concept car.

At that time, it attracted attention because of its 36.5-inch integrated large screen and U-shaped steering wheel.

Self-portrait car, the first concept car ROBO 01, three skins

Compared with that time, there is no substantial change in the limited edition of Melee 01 Lunar Exploration.

To say the change, the biggest change is undoubtedly the price. The second is the interior (moon theme), the position change of the lifting lidar on the hood, etc.

Next, we will compare the parameters of the Melee 01 and Tesla, Jikr 001, and Wei Xiaoli in detail.

In terms of price, Ideal L9> Weilai ET7> Xiaopeng G9> Jidu 01 Moon Probe Limited Edition> Tesla> Extreme Krypton 001 YOU Edition and Weilai ET5.

On the zero-hundred acceleration, Tesla Y> Weilai ET7 and Extreme Krypton 001 YOU Edition> Jidu 01 Moon Probe Limited Edition> Weilai ET5> Ideal L9> Xiaopeng G9. (> means better than, not a numerical comparison)

In terms of battery life, Weilai ET5> Extreme Krypton 001 YOU Edition and Xiaopeng G9> Tesla Y> Jidu 01 Moon Probe Limited Edition> Weilai ET7> Ideal L9.

Wheelbase, ideal L9> Weilai ET7> Extreme Krypton 001 YOU Edition> Jidu 01 Moon Probe Limited Edition> Xiaopeng G9> Tesla Y> Weilai ET5.

As far as the size of the car is concerned, the ideal L9 is the largest among them. After all, it is a real nanny car SUV level, and it is much more spacious.

The size ratio of the limited edition of Jidu 01 lunar exploration is 4853*1990*1611, which is quite satisfactory.

The 100-kilometer acceleration of the hand-to-hand 01 lunar exploration limited edition has entered the 3-head club, and the battery life is also 600km+.

Backed by Geely Automobile, in terms of parameters and dynamic performance, Jidu has done a good job. At least, Jidu is not at the bottom for the time being, but it is not very prominent.

In terms of perception hardware, lidar, smart driving chips, and smart cabin chips, it is worth mentioning that the smart cabin chip, the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 in China, has 8 times the computing power of the 8155.

It can be seen that Jidu has indeed worked hard on the hardware.

Baidu, build a car to the end

This melee 01 is said to be a limited edition, so only 1,000 reservations will be released in the early stage.

At last night’s press conference, Xia Yiping said that the reserved places were full, and that 1,000 more places would be added to Hand to Hand 01.

Full of vibrato live room routines.

But will this price trigger a wave of cancellations?

It doesn’t matter, hand to hand 01 invited Liu Cixin, the writer of “Three-Body Problem”, to sit down.

At the press conference, Liu Cixin appeared in the form of video and as the owner of the limited edition 004 of the set ROBO01 moon exploration, and called for the hand-to-hand combat 01.

In addition to Liu Cixin, it was revealed that among the car owners in front of 004, the first was 001 Xijiajia, and the second was Robin (Li Yanhong).

Maybe we all know Li Yanhong and Liu Cixin, but Xijiajia doesn’t know it. It is an AI digital person launched by Baidu Group.

Dare Qing, the first person to buy melee 01 is not a real person?

Xia Yiping once said that the portrait of Jidu Hand-to-hand 01’s customer group is very similar to that of Tesla, who is young and likes technology.

In order to further retain these customer groups, the owner’s rights of the limited edition of the lunar exploration are still generous, such as 4 lifetime rights:

Lifetime high-end smart driving package, lifetime vehicle warranty, lifetime three-electricity warranty, lifetime free charging and free household charging piles.

In addition to this limited edition of the moon probe, Xia Yiping said that the second mass-produced car will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show next month. He is very confident in the model, design and price of the second mass-produced car.

(The implication is that it may be cheaper than the limited edition of lunar exploration?)

In the five years from 2017 to 2021, the total R&D expenditure disclosed by Baidu has exceeded 90 billion yuan, especially in 2021, the R&D expenditure has increased to 24.938 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the total revenue.

It is estimated that a large part of these research and development expenses have been burned by the tram.

But it doesn’t get in the way, Baidu wants to build cars to the end, and said that Jidu will not change the direction of releasing a car every year .

Back then, Evergrande released 9 new cars at one time, hum~

So the final question is, will you be persuaded to buy the limited edition of Hand-to-hand 01 Moon Probe at the price of 400,000?

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