There are four signs of men who have no talent for love. Virgo pursues perfection, and Aquarius is a straight man.

In terms of relationships, for some boys, love is like a fish in water, but for some boys, love is more important than working and making money. It’s harder. In fact, it is not difficult to chase girls. Many times this is due to a problem that you didn’t notice yourself. If you don’t discover your problems in time and solve them, many of your single wishes will not come true. Next, let’s take a look at the four zodiac signs that have the least talent for love among the twelve zodiac signs. Were you shot?

First place: Virgo

Speaking of Virgos, the first impression they give people is that they pursue perfection too much, are very picky no matter what they do, and even have obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is especially true for virgins, as obsessive-compulsive disorder is a huge obstacle that prevents them from being single. For example, you can only spend half an hour walking, and you can only spend an hour shopping, and you won’t be able to walk for an extra minute. Girls should never be late for a date at all. Such a formulaic relationship will cause fear in the opposite sex and even the desire to break up, but Virgo men are not aware of this problem. Where you are, you really don’t have the gift of love. It is suggested that Virgo boys can consciously make some changes, which will not only make the other person feel relaxed, but also make themselves less tired.

Second place: Aquarius

Aquarius boys are hard to understand. Their thoughts are often not on the same scale as ordinary people, and it is difficult to understand their inner thoughts. Aquarius men are actually very masculine, which is very attractive to girls. Aquarius’ lack of love talent is reflected in their inability to speak at all. Once they open their mouth, they become straight men and successfully isolate themselves. a dog. For example, when the other person says that he feels uncomfortable, he just says “drink more warm water” without taking any actual action. It is recommended that Aquarius men learn more about the art of speaking.

Third place: Capricorn

Capricorn boys are introverted and conservative, and will not open their doors to others easily. For them, work is true love, and they are simply typical workaholics. Capricorn men have no talent for love. They can work twenty hours a day, but they are not willing to spend half an hour taking care of their loved ones. Hard work is a bit tiring for Capricorn men, but it’s okay to be lazy occasionally, otherwise you may have to do it again in the future. I’ve worked my whole life.

Fourth place: Scorpio

Scorpio boys are notoriously dark, but at the same time they also have very strong self-esteem, which also makes them have no talent for love. Scorpio men don’t understand what taking the initiative means. Even if they meet someone they like, they will not take the initiative. Instead, they wait for the other person to approach. They think taking the initiative is selfish. That’s exactly why they lack a lot. destiny. It is recommended that Scorpio boys take the initiative. True love will only come if you take the initiative. You are not born without the gift of love. The key is whether you are honest with the other person. As long as you are honest with each other and the other person feels your feelings, they will naturally be together.