There are a lot of people who are injured playing Frisbee, let’s take a look at the correct “opening method” of this sport

Text/Video Sanxiang Metropolis Daily New Hunan Client Omnimedia Reporter Li Qi Huang Yaping Correspondent Zhu Wenqing

Unrestricted by the venue, team competition regardless of gender, no physical contact throughout the whole process… Nowadays, Frisbee has become one of the most popular sports.

However, this seemingly simple exercise actually hides a lot of health risks. If you are not careful, it will easily cause damage to the body. On October 28, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily learned from Changsha Central Hospital (Changsha Central Hospital affiliated to South China University), Changsha No. There have been many cases of injuries due to failure to take precautions while playing Frisbee. How to avoid getting hurt while playing Frisbee? Who should pay for the injury? These issues deserve attention.

(To play Frisbee, novices must go through systematic training. Photo courtesy of the interviewee)


The end of Frisbee is “orthopedics”? sports potential risks

As long as there is an open space, you can play happily and exercise. Frisbee is really suitable for all ages.

However, there is also a joke on the Internet: “The end point of Frisbee is orthopedics.” It can be seen that trendy sports often overlook the hidden dangers of sports safety behind them.

Ms. Liao, a citizen of Changsha, usually does not like sports. In mid-October, she participated in Frisbee sports for the first time at the invitation of a friend, and was hit by an injury. During the competition, Ms. Liao subconsciously braked in order to grab the Frisbee. She felt severe pain in her right knee and was unable to get up. She called 120 and was sent to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed the anterior cruciate ligament rupture on the left knee joint, and the follow-up operation and treatment cost would be 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

On October 25th, a reporter from Sanxiang Metropolis Daily randomly interviewed 40 Changsha citizens who had more than 5 frisbee sports experience. Over 90% of them said they had suffered injuries of varying degrees. The foot was broken, and some of the little finger tendon bundles were ruptured.

“I played basketball for 10 years without injury, and I retired after playing two games of Frisbee.” Mr. Yang, a graduate student from a college in Changsha, has nearly 10 years of experience in physical exercise, including basketball, swimming, and tennis. In July this year, the club organized In a league match, he was hit in the eye by a high-speed rotating Frisbee. “The inspection found that the muscles around the eye were bruised, causing temporary deformation of the pupil, and the visual acuity dropped from 4.6 to 4.1. The doctor said that the recovery period will be at least half a year.”

175’s competition-level Frisbee looks “harmless to humans and animals”, but the high-speed rotation generated by twisting the Frisbee by the waist, abdomen and wrist can produce a lot of lethality. The news verification program “News and Truth” has done an experiment. With 10 meters as the test distance, the experimenter can easily break the foam bricks 10 meters away; if a watermelon is used to simulate a human head, the rotating The moment the Frisbee touched the watermelon, the big watermelon was also smashed into a crack.

“It is difficult for a frisbee novice without systematic training to control the shooting time of the frisbee, which in turn affects the flight trajectory. The hard drives flying around can easily hurt innocent passersby.” The person in charge of a frisbee club in Changsha reminded that most of the small ticket purchase procedures Activity accident insurance of 1.5 yuan/time will be provided, with a maximum coverage of 100,000 yuan. It is recommended that enthusiasts warm up and purchase insurance before exercising.


Injuring muscles and bones, many hospitals in Changsha treat such patients

It is understood that more than half of the sports injuries in Frisbee sports come from the lower limbs, and the knee and ankle injuries are the most numerous, including sprained feet, leg muscle strains, joint sprains, meniscus and knee ligament injuries.

In addition, the impact injury caused by the collision is also a big risk that cannot be ignored. In the process of exercise, there will inevitably be collisions between people, including collisions between the head, neck, waist, shoulders, etc., which may lead to concussion, Fractures, joint dislocations, etc.

In Changsha Central Hospital, there are many cases of patients injured by Frisbee sports, among which knee and ankle injuries are more common. Jiang Liangdong, deputy chief physician of the Department of Bone Trauma and Hand Surgery, introduced that a few days ago, Mr. Tian, ​​a 26-year-old citizen, was playing Frisbee outdoors with his friends. “With a sound, I felt severe pain in my ankle and I couldn’t stand.

Escorted by a friend, Mr. Tian rushed to the hospital, where the doctor found that his ankle was fractured. He has been injured for 100 days, and Mr. Tian is currently recovering.


Avoid injury, this is the “correct posture” to play Frisbee

How to exercise is the correct posture to open the Frisbee and avoid possible sports injuries?

Deputy Chief Physician Jiang Liangdong said that the most important thing is to warm up before exercise. The warm-up time before exercise is recommended to be no less than 10 minutes. Joints open. A full and correct warm-up activates stiff joints and surrounding muscles.

Pay attention to protection. Frisbee sports do not restrict sports clothing, but loose and comfortable clothing and necessary protective gear (such as knee pads, wrist pads) can reduce the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

During exercise, you should pay attention to protecting yourself and others, and try not to perform dangerous actions such as collisions. When taking off, stand firm and take off, don’t open your arms too much to avoid hurting people around you. After jumping up, turning around or moving forward, pay attention to stabilize the center of gravity to avoid injury to the knee and ankle joints. When landing, bend your knees slightly to relieve the stress on the joints, the knees should not exceed the tips of the toes, the torso should be leaned forward moderately, and the hip flexion angle should be increased to better allow the muscles to absorb the impact of the landing. Correct landing techniques can significantly reduce the risk of injury . Usually, you can practice the landing position more often.

In daily life, citizens who like to play Frisbee can do some exercises to enhance muscle strength in advance, such as squats to exercise thigh muscles and enhance knee stability; and calf raises to exercise calf muscles and improve ankle flexibility Wait.


A sports injury occurs, this is first aid

What should I do if I have a sports injury while playing? Experts remind that if there is a sports injury, you should stop exercising immediately, and check whether there is trauma or bleeding in the injured part; if there is bleeding in the wound, stop the bleeding first.

Second, look at the body part for other symptoms, and if there is severe pain, determine if there is a fracture. If a fracture is initially suspected, the injured part should be immobilized first, and then go to the hospital for X-ray treatment.

If there is no severe pain in the injured area, local bandaging and ice compresses can be used to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Note that the painful area should be properly elevated above the level of the heart to reduce the edema reaction.

The interval between ice compresses is about 15 to 20 minutes each time, and cold compresses can be applied once every 3 to 4 hours. Be careful not to put ice or cold water directly on the skin for cold compress. It needs to be separated by a towel to have a better cold compress effect.

Popular law

Getting hit by a Frisbee, who is to blame?

Injured while playing Frisbee, who is responsible?

Article 1176 of the “Civil Code” stipulates that: if one voluntarily participates in a cultural and sports activity with certain risks and suffers damage due to the actions of other participants, the victim shall not request the other participants to bear the tort liability; Except for intentional or gross negligence in the occurrence of damage.

As a participant in the exercise, you should foresee possible risks in advance. In the subsequent exercise process, if damage is caused by others, as long as the perpetrator does not intentionally or negligently cause serious violations of the rules, the loss will be borne by yourself.

I can’t find trouble with my teammates. Can I ask the event organizer for compensation? According to Article 1198 of the “Civil Code”, the operators and managers of hotels, shopping malls, banks, stations, airports, stadiums, entertainment venues and other business places, public places, or organizers of mass activities If it fails to fulfill its security obligations and causes damage to others, it shall bear tort liability.

If the acts of a third party cause damage to others, the third party shall bear the tort liability; if the operator, manager or organizer fails to fulfill the obligation of safety protection, he shall bear the corresponding supplementary liability. In other words, even if the damage is caused by other participants, the three parties of the frisbee venue renter, the event organizer, and the injured person may face tort liability.