There are 7 teas not to drink, don’t be greedy!


Drinking tea is an indispensable way of life for modern people. However, tea cannot be drunk casually. If you don’t pay attention to some methods of drinking tea, not only will it not bring any benefits, but it will also have adverse consequences for our health. .

Let’s take a look at what’s special about drinking tea!


Too strong to drink

Strong tea will increase the “excitability” of the human body excessively, which will adversely affect the cardiovascular system and nervous system.

People with cardiovascular disease may experience tachycardia and arrhythmia after drinking strong tea, which is easy to cause repeated illness.


Do not drink before bed

This is especially important for early tea drinkers.

After many people drink tea before going to bed, it will become very difficult to fall asleep, and even seriously affect the mental state of the next day. People with neurasthenia or insomnia should pay special attention.


Do not drink before meals

Drinking a small amount of tea before or during meals is not a big problem, but if you drink a lot of tea or drink too strong tea, it will affect the absorption of many macro elements (such as calcium, etc.) and trace elements (such as iron, zinc, etc.).

It is important to note that when drinking milk or other dairy products, do not drink tea at the same time.

Because theophylline and tannins in tea will combine with calcium in dairy products to form calcium salts that are insoluble in water and excreted from the body, the nutritional value of dairy products is greatly reduced.


not drinking after drinking

After drinking, the ethanol in the wine enters the blood through the gastrointestinal tract, and is converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, which is then converted into acetic acid, and the acetic acid is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water for discharge.

After drinking tea, theophylline in tea can quickly play a diuretic effect on the kidneys, thereby promoting the premature entry of acetaldehyde that has not been decomposed into the kidneys.

Acetaldehyde has a greater stimulating effect on the kidneys and affects kidney function. Therefore, people who often drink strong tea after drinking are prone to kidney disease.

Not only that, the ethanol in the wine is very stimulating to the cardiovascular system, and the tea also has the effect of stimulating the heart. The combination of the two enhances the stimulation of the heart.

Therefore, drinking tea after drinking alcohol in patients with heart disease is more harmful.


Do not drink new tea

The new tea will irritate the gastric mucosa, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and even make the condition worse.

From a nutritional point of view, the nutritional content of tea that is too fresh is not necessarily the best.

Because the so-called new tea refers to the tea leaves that have been picked for less than a month. Since these tea leaves have not been placed for a period of time, there are substances that adversely affect health, such as polyphenols, alcohols, aldehydes and other substances, and they have not been completely Oxidation, if you drink new tea for a long time, there may be uncomfortable reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal distension.


Avoid taking medicine with tea

Some people, especially those who love to drink tea, choose to use tea to deliver medicines, but they do not know that the tannins in tea can combine with medicines and precipitate, which will change the properties of medicines, hinder absorption, and affect the efficacy of medicines. Therefore, boiled water should be used for medicines. This is also known as the “tea antidote”.


No overnight tea

Overnight tea is susceptible to pathogenic biological contamination due to the shelving time for too long, and the complex components in the tea are also prone to change. Drinking overnight tea can lead to gastrointestinal diseases. When I was a child, I was always taught that “tea overnight, diarrhea” seems really justified.


Four seasons are different

Drink scented tea in spring, green tea in summer, green tea in autumn, and black tea in winter. Drinking scented tea in spring can disperse the cold evil accumulated in the human body in the winter and promote the occurrence of yang in the human body.

Green tea is bitter and cold in nature. It is better to drink green tea in summer, which can clear away heat, relieve summer heat, detoxify, quench thirst and strengthen the heart.

Green tea is neither cold nor hot. Drinking green tea in autumn can eliminate the residual heat in the body and restore body fluids. It is ideal to drink black tea in winter. Black tea is sweet and warm in nature. It is rich in protein, which can help digestion, replenish the body, and make the human body strong.


Drink plenty of tea

Although tea contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids, it has a certain effect on clearing oil and relieving greasy, enhancing nerve excitation, digestion and diuresis, but it is not that the more you drink, the better, and not everyone is suitable for drinking tea.

Generally speaking, it is appropriate to drink tea once or twice a day, with 2 to 3 grams of tea each time.

People suffering from neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach disease, and intestinal ulcer are not suitable for drinking tea, nor are lactating and pregnant women and infants.

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