There are 106 directly-operated restaurants in Zuo Ting and You Yuan, and more than 30 new stores are planned to be opened next year.

Beijing News (Reporter Yu Guigui) On October 28, a reporter from the Beijing News learned that the 6th store of Zuo Ting You Yuan Fresh Hotpot in Beijing, Raffles City, opened recently. “Refuse to freeze meat” is the main focus. Up to now, there are 106 directly-operated stores across the country, and it plans to open more than 30 new stores nationwide next year.

Zuo Ting You Yuan told the Beijing News that as of October 2022, the 106 directly-operated stores of Zuo Ting You Yuan fresh beef hotpot cover 16 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou. The relevant person in charge said, “Beijing and Shanghai are our core markets. In Beijing, brands have settled in prosperous commercial complexes such as Chaoyang Joy City, Huiju Center, Raffles City, and Tongzhou Wanda. Due to the careful market research in the previous site selection , every store opened up to expectations.”

At present, Zuo Ting You Yuan fresh beef hot pot is accelerating its layout in the national market. The above-mentioned person in charge said that in 2023, Zuo Ting You Yuan Fresh Beef Hotpot will continue to expand in first-tier cities, mainly Beijing and Shanghai. According to the plan, 9, 10, 4 will be opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other cities respectively. Home, 2 new stores, and will continue to expand in other first- and second-tier cities. More than 30 new stores are expected to open in 2023.

Public information shows that the revenue of hot pot category accounts for 30% of the national catering revenue, and the degree of chaining is getting higher and higher. According to the “2021 Hotpot Industry Big Data Analysis Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) released by the Hotpot Committee of the China Cuisine Association, the sales of the hotpot industry in 2020 will account for nearly one-third of the national catering revenue, making it the largest subcategory of Chinese food. . The chain rate of the hot pot industry is far ahead in the catering industry. The report also shows that the chain rate of hot pot stores will be as high as 21.2% in 2021, far exceeding the 16.5% chain rate of catering stores in the same period.

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