The world roams in time Hermes opens the “Engraved Time” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition in Shanghai

On October 12, Hermès opened the “Engraved Time” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition at the “Hermes House” in Shanghai. This exhibition passes

The immersive art experience invites everyone to explore new watch works and high-end watchmaking craftsmanship in the Hermès time universe. The exhibition is inspired by the works of art created by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté based on the new Arceau Le temps voyageur watch, which combines the virtual world with the real world, leading people to wander between reality and dream, and expressing the meaning of Hermès time. Whimsical.

Drawing inspiration from ancient optical instruments and ultra-modern digital devices, the art installation proposes an exploration of nonlinear time and space, interweaving and displaying the past, present and future, leading people across time and space. Just as Hermès watches combine sophisticated measuring tools with the expression of plane space, it blends superb watchmaking skills with the art of time. Artist Sabrina Ratté said: “Hermes stands out for its poetic approach to time, which evokes many metaphysical reflections and artistic perceptions. This approach to time and the pursuit of aesthetics and refinement is exactly the same as my work. The fit prompted me to inherit Hermès’ many inspirations about time when designing the scene, so that viewers can connect with time and experience the unique elegance and fun of Hermès watch works.”

In this exhibition, more than 40 pieces of high-end craftsmanship watches, jewelry watches and complication watches and many other exquisite watch works are displayed, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of Hermès.

Inheriting ingenious craftsmanship, blending the art of time

Among the high-end craftsmanship watches on display, the two new Arceau Hermès Story Hermès dynamic sharing watches are amazing. Hermès draws on the dynamism of contemporary “social media” and creates this unique piece of fun through the skillful hands of artisans, using a variety of techniques such as joinery, micro-painting and engraving. The first watch combines 290 tiny pieces of plum, tulip, olive ash, maple and sycamore wood, all patiently and meticulously cut, stained and assembled one by one to outline a lifelike turquoise on the dial Colored tigers; the micro-painting process and hand-carving of layers of painting have created a three-dimensional sense of animals such as butterflies, hummingbirds, turtles and peacocks, making people feel as if they have traveled through the tropical jungle in an instant.

Another watch uses mother-of-pearl micro-painting as the main expression method. The micro-pattern is a superimposition of twenty layers of different colors, hand-varnished, polished and sanded to accentuate the subtle shades and radiances. After eight days of carving and several subsequent firing processes, the pattern is brought to life.

Arceau Hermès Story

Arceau Hermès Story

As a unique craft watch, the Hermes Arceau Les Leopards Twelve Leopards watch is filled with and micro-painted enamel craftsmanship to reproduce the beautiful fur and exquisite composition of the leopard. The overall pattern of the dial is rich and saturated, and the micro-painted enamel process is colored with delicate brushstrokes, showing a sharp color contrast and natural color transition, and is fired many times at high temperature. The jaguar in the two watches is either lying or sitting, and it is natural, and it freezes the moment of radiance.

Arceau Les Leopards Twelve Leopards

Arceau Les Leopards Twelve Leopards

Inspired by the Slim d’Hermès Panthère Indian leopard watch with the same name as the silk scarf of the same name from Hermès, its dial is entirely inlaid with leather mosaic. , faithfully restore the original appearance of the work. It is worth mentioning that the Arceau Robe du soir watch, which is also made of leather mosaic inlay, won the 2018 GPHG Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award for Best Art and Craft Watch.

Slim d’Hermès Panthère

Condensing the brilliance of jewelry, shining eternally and smartly

Entering the jewelry watch exhibition area, the Hermès Arceau Petite Lune small moon phase watch shines brightly. The work features a round case with asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs, giving the watch an elegant look. The watch is set with as many as 1084 diamonds, shining brightly between the 38mm white gold case and the mother-of-pearl sub-dial, sparkling in the starry sky, interpreting the wearer’s timeless elegance.

Arceau Petite Lune Small Moon Phase Watch

Beyond the functional paradigm, the interpretation of the spirit of ingenuity

As a watch with complications, the Hermès Arceau Pocket cheval punk combines craftsmanship with complications in a playful way. The horse on the dial is crafted with a variety of fine craftsmanship. After hundreds of hours of complicated processes, the magnificent crown ornaments, bridles and tattoos on the head are depicted, which are pleasing to the eye; The precise minute repeater movement shows the vigorous posture of a punk horse.

Arceau Pocket cheval punk

The infinite exploration of time and space has made Hermès timepieces rich and colorful, and has created a profound philosophy of “the world wanders in time”. Hermès interweaves the past, present and future, engraves the beauty of time, and rewrites the legend of watchmaking on the journey of time with its pioneering style and reliable performance that keeps pace with the times.

Hermès creates all kinds of objects. Under the careful tempering of the dexterous hands of its craftsmen, it creates objects that are able to blend in with the wearer’s spirit and breath. It is born from exquisite and exquisite technology, transformed from superb techniques, combines practical and ingenious functions, and reveals unexpected lightness and agility. These objects turn the ordinary day into a splendid stage; let every moment that flows quietly become a precious time.

Time is also an object to Hermès. Hermès extracts the uniqueness of time from the lingering compactness. In addition to measuring, sorting, and controlling, Hermès boldly pursues another view of time: an exciting space that allows people to travel freely, creating a space that is beautiful and imaginative without forgetting joy and fun.