The Wolves have left the AG, and just after returning to the Wolves, they immediately arranged a new task. Will the little beast return to the AG?

As the most popular team in the KPL league, the AG Chaowanhui team has made frequent moves during this KPL transfer period. First, it listed eight players including Wei Young in one breath, and then actively communicated with the Foshan DRG team, wanting to buy After playing Baishou, Zhong Yi, a player from Wolves’ second team, tried out. From Menglei’s live speech with Feifei, the female owner of the AG e-sports club two days ago, I learned that Zhong Yi and Baishou’s trial training in AG was quite effective. Especially Zhong Yi, and Zhong Yi is also from Chengdu. Sister Fei said in the live broadcast room that she will do her best to take pictures of Zhong Yi!

The current news is that the trial training of the Wolves Zhong Yi in the AG Super Play Team has ended. At this stage, he has left AG and returned to the Wolves. Zhong Yi has not rested much after arriving at the Wolves club. Wolves Immediately afterwards, a new task was arranged for Zhong Yi, and Zhong Yi was sent to participate in a Thunder Cup competition in a certain tooth. He had just finished his trial training and was about to participate in the competition again. Zhong Yi was about to become a KPL model worker!

Although Zhong Yi’s trial training in the AG Super Play Club was very effective, and AG also wanted to buy Zhong Yi very much, but according to the process, Zhong Yi still had to return to the club after the trial training, and Zhong Yi did not return to the club much. Rest, and then the Wolves assigned a new task, let Zhong Yi go to the Thunder Cup game held by a certain tooth, replace the previous jungler Duxin, let Zhong Yi go, it may be the reason why he didn’t get enough rest, Zhong Yi struggled a bit in the Thunder Cup match. The match against XYG went straight to five rounds. Fortunately, they all won the game without any risk in the end, helping the second wolf team to successfully advance to the next round of the Thunder Cup.

In addition, you may have heard that Feifei, the female boss of AG, was reluctant to let Weiyang go, and deliberately raised the price when she listed Weiyang. If Yi comes to AG, then Zhong Yi and Wei Young will compete based on the results of the training match. The coach Xiaoshou of the AG Super Play Club will post news before taking the job. According to the location of the news release and the clothes he is wearing, Xiao Beast should be going to Chengdu AG Super League For the Wanhui team, Xiaoshou said that he was going to have a trial training. He didn’t know what Xiaoshou was going to do this time. Could it be that Xiaoshou was going to coach AG Chaowanhui again?

Frankly speaking, compared to strong teams like Wolves and Beijing WB, AG Chaowan Club’s talent allocation in the training group is not as good as Wolves and Beijing WB, especially in terms of digging talents and cultivating player abilities. AG is indeed lagging behind a lot. It can be seen from the previous games that many players who have gone out of AG can shine in other clubs, but their abilities are not fully utilized in AG. If the little beast can come When you come to AG, even if you are not a coach, just become a member of the AG training team, I believe it can provide a lot of help to AG! Finally, I would like to ask all my friends a small question. In your opinion, who will be the starting jungler of AG in the summer split?