The whole process is high-energy and no urine point! Have you been addicted to the reversal drama of Fly and Color?

In less than 1 day, Happy will return to the Tianxiu Cup. Compared with Ou Huang’s upcoming feast, the expected color vs Fly is more like the small dish of sour radish, shredded kelp salad or salt-baked peanuts. Not many people will chew it slowly, everything is just for teasing. Your taste buds will be fascinated by the instant delicacy served.

However, as the top chefs in the world of chefs, Fly and Color have prepared brand new ingredients for their appetizers. I used caviar from France, paired with the ancestral acrobatics of male and female, and you imported it from Japan. Wagyu beef, supplemented by superb cooking techniques… Looking around, Yishui’s high-end goods.

After a long time of trouble, it turned out that the game between Color and Fly was the main course.

Like sleepwalking, the elf king falls into the abyss

As we all know, Color is a player with a large upper and lower limit. Whenever you think that he is going to be the “elf king”, he will always surprise you.

Among them, heroic acrobatics is naturally his repertoire. Take this wave of teamfights on AZ for example, with NE Alchemy to 3, Poison Ball in hand, and an artifact like Roar, it is impossible to lose to ORC from any point of view.

However, Dark Night can’t lose, but Color can lose. You think he will win the game, but he loses to you. Fly’s siege is amazing, but the color clearly has enough time to point out the TP, but in the end it doesn’t. It’s really a show.

Then the heroes of both sides lined up to die, and the scene became bloody and comical at one point. Compared with the color, Feifei’s daily life is not even a big deal. Can you believe the hero who died 5 times in one wave of the NE big game?

In this way of losing, is it that Color has signed a new barrage contract?

It’s not over yet, in addition to a mess of operations, the level of operations and awareness is also dropping rapidly. Whether it is early harassment, mining or subsequent development, almost all choices made by the color are wrong, and no matter how big the advantage is, it can be handed over. In less than half an hour, Choi knelt down three times in a row, and killed nine heroes in three games (KPI is three deaths per game, not enough death is not enough), quite a bit of “three days of starvation nine times” feeling.

The long-lost “Father Loser” is online again, and you can always trust Callover’s acrobatics.

Of course, Fly’s performance in the first three games is also really dazzling, especially the early game and mid-term leveling planning are perfect, and the daily routine is also controlled within a certain range, and the highlight operations such as killing heroes are even more overwhelmed.

Compared with entering the Flying God mode, Cai Xue seems to be a beginner of Warcraft, and a strong smell of 7-0 has already hit the nostrils.

Bottoming out, color makes three chase three

Just when people thought that the overall situation of the game was timed, the color happened to be supported again. The game on LR is undoubtedly a turning point. In this game, the color is still in a bad state. The level 2 Beastmaster is sent away without drinking water. The middle troops are out of touch and send another wave of TK in front of the ORC army. Can’t do it without him.

On the other hand, Fly is getting more and more courageous. The team battle operation is like taking medicine, and the advance and retreat are moderate. Seeing that the color can’t support it, two consecutive waves of MF are caught, but Fly returns to the pre-liberation overnight. Just like Soin, Fly couldn’t adapt to the rhythm of the blowing stream for a while, and it was awkward how to fight. In the words of the commentator: “The timing of opening the group and the choice of attack are not good.”

The comeback on LR also allowed Cai to regain his confidence. Next, he returned to his normal state, and he did not make the previous low-level mistakes again. He played steadily and steadily, and then pulled three sets in a row.

In the history of Warcraft, there is only one player who has performed the miracle of making three chases four, and that is Lawliet (120 comeback). He is taking the Tianxiu Cup as the Doubi Ancient Tree Cup (the Doubi Ancient Tree Cup has a Jedi comeback award).

Running wolf rides the final word, who said that Fly won’t outsmart?

Compared with the more and more courageous colors, Fly is obviously in a difficult situation at this time. Originally, the logistics staff had prepared a dragon robe for Fly to be enthroned. As a result, the emperor was going to be replaced. This psychological gap is very acceptable.

To make matters worse, Fly also exposed its weakness in blowing wind, so that Color still played blowing wind on maps that were not suitable for blowing. There are various indications that the color is really going to make the three chase the four.

However, the game is obviously not so simple. The drama of the final game alone is stronger than the sum of the first six games. After you sing and fly, I came on stage and played a thrilling round.

In my mind, the number one designated hot-blooded man in War3 is none other than the savage chieftain Fly. This is not only because Feifei’s actions are strong enough, but also because his heart is big enough, the more critical moment he gets, the more vigorous he is. And after three nightmarish matches, Fly finally ushered in his own highlight in the decisive game. The Juggernaut escaped with extreme black blood. Without 17 years of professional experience in Warcraft, he would never be able to do such a big heart operation.

True Beastmaster critical moments are never routine.

Although the extreme operation is dazzling, what really makes Fly win is running wolf riding. In fact, Fly, who has a level 5 cow, is not incapable of hitting the front, but he chose the most secure way of running wolf riding + cement tower mining. It turns out that Fly doesn’t know how to run home, it’s just that he doesn’t want to, don’t force me!

In the end, the barbarian chief relies on outwitness instead of recklessness. Have you thought about this wave?

In fact, in the later stage of the color, there was a chance to come back, but he was missed by himself. If it is said that the swordsman black blood escaped because Fly operated properly, then the previous card position failure and subsequent siege mistakes are completely the problem of the color itself, and nothing can return the tiger to the mountain. As far as the tiebreaker is concerned, as long as the color does well in one of the siege, card position, and fire-focusing operations, it will not lose. It can only be said that the color has paid the price for its poor state.

This match between Color and Fly may be the most exciting and exciting round of the series in 2022. The plot is ups and downs, the plot is confusing, you never know who will win until the last moment, and the suspense is full. Friends who haven’t watched it suggest to watch the video again, and students who have watched it can enjoy it again.

At 7 o’clock tonight, Fly will usher in the challenge of Happy, and the return of the big devil is bound to set off another wave of blood and rain.

So the question is, how long do you think Happy will be able to fight this time?