The well-known APP was exposed to delete the user’s mobile phone photos, and the response came→

Recently, some netizens reported that when using Xiaohongshu, the mobile phone system will prompt “Xiaohongshu is trying to delete photos”, which has aroused concern. On March 13, the official account of the Xiaohongshu technical team responded that the Xiaohongshu app did not delete the original pictures in the user’s mobile phone, but cleaned up the temporary cache generated by the user when using the app. The reporter noticed that in addition to Xiaohongshu, many well-known platforms have exposed similar situations.

According to the content of the video posted by the netizen, when he pulled down the menu bar of his mobile phone, he happened to find a relevant notification, “Xiaohongshu tried to delete your picture, and the behavior has been automatically blocked, click to process.” On the mobile phone’s “album picture prevention accidental deletion” page, there are pictures deleted by Xiaohongshu, and the netizen can manually choose “delete” or “restore to album”.

On March 13, the reporter noticed that the “Xiaohongshu Technology REDtech” account replied under the video. The Xiaohongshu App did not delete the original pictures in the user’s mobile phone, but cleaned up the temporary images generated by the user when using the App. cache .

Specifically, when users use some functions of certain versions of Xiaohongshu App, the system may generate temporary cache files for ease of use. After the user completes the corresponding operation, the system will automatically clear it to avoid occupying the storage space of the user’s mobile phone.

“Xiaohongshu Technology REDtech” also stated, “Xiaohongshu users’ personal privacy protection and data security are always our insurmountable red lines. Xiaohongshu will continue to improve user experience and create value for users. All users are welcome to continue to support us.” Dialogue, Feedback and Monitoring”.

Later, the reporter asked Xiaohongshu for verification, and it confirmed the authenticity of the relevant content. The account is the official account of the Xiaohongshu technical team.

In October 2021, some netizens claimed that the pictures they saved in the mobile phone album were deleted by Douban App for no reason, and they had to be retrieved from the recycle bin. Douban issued a statement afterwards stating that Douban will apply for storage permissions when the user performs the operation of “saving pictures to the device” or “accessing and uploading pictures or videos on the device”. After Douban is authorized, it will only access necessary files when the user uses the above functions to ensure the normal use of the functions. Douban also stated that the bug has a low probability of occurrence and will be fixed in the next version.

Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei’s mobile phone product line, once said that some applications do regularly clean up expired pictures, but this is not necessarily a malicious act . In addition, in response to the phenomenon that many mobile phone applications require more and more mobile phone usage permissions in recent years, mobile phone manufacturers including Xiaomi and Huawei have launched many functions including application permission usage viewing and application permission monitoring to protect user mobile phone data security .

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