The WBG Summer Split has started in hell, the first four games are all top teams, and it is likely to experience a losing streak

Recently, the news about the e-sports circle has attracted the attention of many people. Recently, the MSI World Championship has also ended. Our division won the final championship. This is also the first time that two LPL teams can be seen fighting in the finals of an international competition. , is very exciting, and I am looking forward to the next World Championship.

Recently, we have seen that the news of the summer split has been announced one after another. The transfer period has ended, and the lineups of the major teams have been announced. Next, we are waiting for the arrival of the summer split. We have seen that the recent schedule of the summer split has been announced. , it can be seen from this schedule that for the Asian Games, the time of the entire summer split has been greatly compressed.

The regular season of the entire summer split will be completed within 49 days, and two-thirds of the time will be 3 BO3 games per day. To be honest, it is really difficult for office workers to watch every game. In addition to being very nervous, some arrangements were also unreasonable, which aroused heated discussions among many people.

For example, JDG has just finished playing the world championship and is not yet familiar with the version. As a result, it was arranged to play 7 games in 15 days. This arrangement has been complained by many people. In addition to the JDG games, the WBG summer games are also the center of hot topics. , because they really started in hell, the first four games are top teams, and they are likely to experience a losing streak.

We saw that after the start of the new season of WBG, they have to face JDG, OMG, LNG, and TES respectively. According to the situation of the spring split, TES is a little easier to play, and the other teams are very difficult to play, and now WBG just changed. I don’t know if WBG can stand up to the coach, if the car overturns, it will be over.

Changing coaches would require a lot of rhythm, but if you encounter these strong teams again, if you don’t get along well and lose the game, it must be because the rhythm is flying all over the sky, and the team’s players’ self-confidence is also affected, and the coach is likely to take advantage of this. Opportunities start to rotate, after all, this coach likes to rotate players very much.

Of course, no matter when you meet them, you will meet them this season. It doesn’t matter if you meet them early or late. If you really adjust, you won’t be afraid to meet anyone, so you don’t have to worry. , wait for the start of the summer split, the editor still believes in WBG, do you have anything to say about this?