The WBG boss himself admitted: He has renewed his contract with Angel! Insider broke the news: Steak has left FPX

There have been no games in the past few days, and there have been waves of melons during the transfer period, which is really lively. Originally, some leaked accounts were revealing the news, but this time, even the boss of WBG was also gone. He personally responded to the well-known whistleblower “E-sports Circle No. 77” and admitted that he had renewed his contract with Angel.

The specific situation is as follows. The well-known whistleblower No. 77 in the e-sports circle first said: V5 is talking about IG’s Ueno, and then said that WBG used 0.3 Knight and 3 Cryin to renew Angel’s contract, and the middle should not talk about other things. people.

Just when everyone was still guessing that Knight’s worth was tens of millions, the WBG boss appeared in the comment area and responded in person: 0.3 is wrong, and the price is not so incredible. Then No. 77 in the e-sports circle said: I heard that it is nearly 10 million, but it is more expensive than Xiaohu.

In addition, some people in the comment area assumed that Knight’s worth was 20 million, then Angel was 6 million, and Cryin was 2 million. This assumption was directly rejected by the whistleblower, saying that the difference was too far.

Therefore, according to the whistleblower, Knight’s worth should be close to 30 million, which translates to nearly 10 million for Angel and more than 3 million for Cryin. Although the WBG boss personally went off to refute the rumor, the content of the refutation was not the contract renewal, but the specific salary, that is, the WBG boss renews Angel by default. Some time ago, the V5 coach broke the news that WBG had renewed theshy and Angel, and now that Angel has been confirmed by the boss himself, it will see whether there will be a more reliable hammer behind theshy.

In addition, No. 77 in the e-sports circle also revealed: OMG should start to rot next season, they have no budget for signings, and they are starting to sell players. In addition, FPX finally changed the coach, Steak began to look for other teams, and TT signed the former IG coach Along.

This is definitely good news for FPX. Steak was questioned by many fans in FPX, causing a lot of dissatisfaction. Now he finally left the team. FPX fans should applaud. I just don’t know who the new coach of FPX is. It is estimated that there will be some changes in FPX’s personnel next year. These will wait for follow-up news.

The e-sports circle 77 also revealed a new message, indicating that JDG’s upper and lower lines have been renewed. In fact, the contracts of 369, hope and missing did not expire this year, and they should have been renewed in advance. As for the two of Nakano, it may not be confirmed until the results of the World Championships come out. Of course, the most important thing for JDG is whether coach Redmi stays in the team.

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