The Warriors take the initiative to take the blame for losing: our defense is too bad

  On October 22, Beijing time, the Warriors lost, and “Dream Chasing” Green took the initiative to take the blame, thinking that he was a little relaxed in the opening stage.

  The Warriors played terribly in the first quarter, dropping 40 points in a single quarter, so they got into trouble. After that, they needed to fight back aggressively, reducing the gap to 1 point in the final minute, but it was too late.

  Coach Kerr believes that in the beginning, they lacked defense and did not feel nervous. “The story of this game was a lack of urgency to start,” Kerr said. “They scored 40 points in the first quarter, and we hoped they would slide down, like they did in the opening game to the Jazz. They had more energy than us, laid the groundwork. Tone. Against a strong team, it’s hard to play against the wind.”

  Green’s 13 points were all scored in the second half, and more than half of his 9 assists were contributed in the second half. Kerr did praise Green, thinking he was on the line.

  Green himself blamed himself a bit. “I think our defense was bad at the beginning,” Green said. “After five minutes of play, they scored 20 points. It’s all my fault. Whether I’m on the court or not, our defense is very good. Oops.”

  For the first time in the new season, the Warriors are busy looking for the reason, and I believe that the next game will change. (Angkor)

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