The walnut phone is here! OnePlus released a limited advertisement for AcePro Genshin Impact, and foreigners are envious again

Recently, OnePlus officially announced on Weibo that they will hold a press conference for the limited edition mobile phone launch of OnePlus Ace Pro at 7 pm on October 24.

At the same time, OnePlus also released relevant limited linkage promotion advertisements. From the advertisements, it can be seen that OnePlus is very well prepared this time. After opening the box, Hu Tao and her naughty little soul and Liyuegang behind her caught sight. Before seeing the mobile phone, the elements of “Yuan Shen” were completely full.

After turning on the phone, we can also see the butterfly representing the walnut on the boot interface of the OnePlus phone. At least this can be judged that the appearance of this linked mobile phone does indeed have customized content for native players.

In fact, as early as a year ago, OnePlus had collaborated with “Yuan Shen”, and the character they chose at that time was Sugar. At that time, OnePlus launched the Yuanshen limited gift box. The gift box contained a mobile phone case, poster, and heat dissipation back clip customized by Sugar. After opening it immediately, you could see the vertical painting of Sugar. At that time, when the OnePlus 9RT sugar phone was launched, it directly became a popular product of OnePlus.

It is worth mentioning that the news of OnePlus’ walnut mobile phone has just been announced in China, and foreigners who are particularly concerned about this have already learned the news. After hearing that the content of this linkage is unique to our country again, overseas players have EMO again. It’s no wonder that, as one of the most popular characters in “Yuan Shen”, Hu Tao has always been loved by foreigners.

The envious state of foreigners suddenly reminds people of the Keli headphones that were launched this year when Redmi and Genshinaries were linked together. When this headset was first launched, it was only launched in China. This makes foreigners who like Keli remember scratching their ears and cheeks. In order to get Keli headphones as soon as possible, an American brother even went to Reddit to find Chinese players who showed off pictures and asked Chinese players to help do a “cross-border purchasing” .

After OnePlus’s customized walnut mobile phone goes online, foreigners estimate that it will turn into lemon essence again!

So, what do you think of the OnePlus walnut mobile phone?