The vanguard has gone to Ukraine, and the Russian Defense Minister announced that there are 218,000 remaining soldiers to prepare

It has been quite some time since Putin announced “partial mobilization”. During the period, after the Russian army launched many long-range strikes against Ukraine, it seems that the Russian army has no more major moves. Instead, the Ukrainian army has become more and more brave, and has even joined many major cities in Kherson and Donetsk. . However, just as the doubts about Russia were getting louder, the Russian Defense Minister suddenly announced that the vanguard had gone to Ukraine, and 218,000 soldiers were preparing.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu went to the Kremlin on the same day and reported the latest progress of the Russian military to Putin. Shoigu pointed out that the mobilization order signed by Putin has been completed, and all 300,000 soldiers have arrived at the Russian military camp, waiting for further instructions from Putin. At the same time, Shoigu also emphasized that 82,000 soldiers have already arrived in Ukraine and arrived in the predetermined combat area, and the remaining 218,000 soldiers are preparing.

The “preparation” in Shoigu’s mouth refers to the fact that these soldiers are being trained and can enter Ukraine to fight when necessary, carrying heavy Russian weapons to carry out targeted strikes against Ukraine. And such a statement also means that Ukraine is completely dangerous. After all, the military equipment of both sides is not the same level. Once a large number of Russian soldiers enter Ukraine, the Ukrainian army will inevitably be hit head-on, and even risk being defeated in one fell swoop.

Because Russia is ready for “encirclement and suppression”. A month earlier, all Russian troops in the Kharkiv region were evacuated and entered the Donetsk and Lugantsk regions. Subsequently, Ukraine quickly counterattacked and won Donetsk’s strategic town Bonusman. Although the withdrawal has caused the Russian army to lose many strategic points, the Russian army in the Donetsk region has assembled in the northeast, southeast and southwest regions, and has the combat capability to quickly transfer to the northern region.

Once the Russian army quickly moves to the northern region, the Ukrainian army in the Bonliman region will be “dumplings”. At the same time, the Russian army also made an unusual military deployment in the Kherson area. After the Ukrainian army repeatedly bombed Kherson, the Russian army quickly evacuated the local civilians and arranged for the transfer of pro-Russian institutions to the left bank of the Dnieper River.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army has penetrated deep into the Kherson region. At the same time, the Russian army has not withdrawn, but has been systematically transferred to the southeastern and northeastern regions of the Ukrainian army. As long as the time is right and the Russian army enters Ukraine in large numbers, then both the Russian army around Bonliman and the Russian army in the Kherson area can easily “make dumplings” for the Ukrainian army.

Therefore, now Shoigu announced that the mobilization of the Russian army has been completed, and 218,000 soldiers are preparing, which is to send a signal that “Ukraine is already in danger”. In fact, such a signal may develop into a fact, since there is no room for Ukrainian troops to retreat. This space is not a geographical space, but a political space.

For the United States and NATO countries, they urgently need a “major victory” for the Ukrainian army to prove their “correctness” in supporting Ukraine, and Zelensky also needs to continue to gain benefits from Western countries through a “major victory”. Therefore, neither the United States nor NATO, nor Zelensky will allow the Ukrainian army to retreat significantly.

Therefore, the Ukrainian army, which was targeted by the Russian army’s “dumpling making” plan, may only be able to take the road of fighting with their lives. But it has to be said that once the Ukrainian army here is hit hard, then Ukraine may lose its main resistance force and even be unable to pose a threat to the Russian army.

In fact, the Zelensky government doesn’t care either, after all, as long as it can prove that Russia is a threat to Europe and NATO. Because at that time, NATO countries will have reason to provide more support to Ukraine, and such support is likely to be no longer limited to weapons, but to include combatant support.