The United States wants to “untie” nuclear weapons, and China is hard at the UN General Assembly: nuclear blackmail cannot scare China

Recently, with the escalation of the situation in Ukraine, Russia and NATO countries have issued warnings to each other, and the word “nuclear weapon” has also begun to appear frequently in the discourse of both sides. After Russia and NATO successively launched nuclear deterrence exercises, the nuclear war crisis has also reached the brink of danger. Recently, the United States released its own “2022 Nuclear Posture Review Report”, in which, in addition to identifying China as the “most extensive and serious challenge” and Russia as a “serious threat”, it also stated that the United States wants to reduce its nuclear weapons. threshold. Seeing that the U.S. wants to “unbind” nuclear weapons, the Chinese side is tough at the UN General Assembly, bluntly saying, ” U.S. nuclear blackmail will not scare China !”

According to information from the Global Times, Li Song, head of the Chinese delegation and ambassador for disarmament, recently spoke at the United Nations General Assembly, criticizing the United States’ 2022 Nuclear Posture Review Report, which is full of hegemonic logic and shows that the United States is armed with nuclear weapons. In order to seek absolute military superiority, it vigorously exaggerates major power competition and camp confrontation, which is full of Cold War mentality and zero-sum philosophy, which runs counter to the expectations of the international community to prevent nuclear war and a nuclear arms race.

Li Song said that the U.S. side will further strengthen the role of nuclear weapons in national security policy and lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons, which will become the source of the risk of nuclear conflict. The disarmament and non-proliferation process has complex and far-reaching serious negative effects. At the same time, he also stressed that China will not become another US, nor will it pursue the US nuclear strategy. China has the ability and confidence to safeguard its own security interests, and the US nuclear blackmail cannot deter China.

Objectively speaking, today, the United States is the country with the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world. It is also provoking geopolitical conflicts in various regions of the world. It regards both China and Russia as “stumbling blocks” on the road to hegemony. Entering the quagmire of war; while encouraging allies to suppress China’s development and trying to isolate China’s economy. But for the United States, the progress of both sides is not ideal at present. Russia is still prosperous under Western sanctions. Therefore, the U.S. side is planning to flip the table.

For the United States, nuclear blackmail against China may be to achieve two strategic goals. On the one hand, it can intimidate those countries that cooperate with China, make them worry about being implicated, and be forced to keep a distance from China; on the other hand, the United States can release nuclear weapons and share nuclear weapons with its Asia-Pacific allies, deploying them around China. A deadly nuclear strategic line of defense, military oppression of China. Therefore, even if the US does not really want to use nuclear weapons against China, as long as a hint of information is revealed, it is enough to gain huge political benefits.

However, for China, this is not the first time the United States has carried out nuclear blackmail against China. The last time the United States used nuclear weapons to deter China was during the period of resisting the United States and assisting Korea more than 70 years ago. At that time, US President Truman and “United Nations” commander MacArthur publicly threatened to drop an atomic bomb on China. At that time, China didn’t even have advanced weapons and equipment, let alone the atomic bomb, but what happened? The Chinese Volunteer Army, like a big sword, drove the US troops armed to the teeth back to their hometowns, and they have not dared to attack for decades.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Qian Xuesen, Deng Jiaxian, Qian Sanqiang, Wang Ganchang and other great leaders, China already has its own atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs, although not as many as the United States, but “enough”. Especially recently, China’s statement on nuclear weapons has changed, and “building a strong strategic deterrent force system” has been written into an important report on national defense construction. The determination of nuclear blackmail to “touch porcelain”.

You must know that when it did not possess nuclear weapons, China was never afraid of nuclear blackmail by the United States. Now the two sides are at the same level. The military power possessed by the United States is also owned by China, and even ahead of the United States in some fields. The nuclear blackmail of the United States Even more intimidating China. In terms of development concept, China is different from the United States. It will not show off its power with nuclear weapons. However, China does not cause trouble, nor is it afraid of trouble. If the United States dares to act recklessly, destroy the peace in the Asia-Pacific region, and cause panic in the international community, it will inevitably lead to This pays an unbearable price.