The United States’ “Porcupine Island” ambitions are clearly revealed, Biden uses his privileges, and the “Stinger” arrives in Taiwan in an emergency

The United States’ ambition to turn Taiwan into a “porcupine” is clearly revealed. The F-16V and other weapons that the Taiwan military has been looking forward to day and night have not been delivered yet, but a batch of “Stinger” air defense missiles have been rushed to Taiwan.

According to a report from the World Wide Web, Taiwan’s defense department confirmed that on the 25th, the Taiwan military received a batch of “Stinger” air defense missiles from the United States. These missiles arrived at Taoyuan Airport in the early hours of the same day and were received by Taiwan’s defense department.

Duplex “Stinger”

It is worth noting that Radio France claimed that the reason why these missiles arrived in Taiwan quickly was because the US government used the “presidential appropriation power”, which allows Biden to bypass Congress and directly allocate funds from the federal budget to support Taiwan. arms sale.

In other words, this is tantamount to the Pentagon selling a batch of “stingers” directly from the US military’s arsenal to Taiwan, and the US’s ambition to turn Taiwan into a “porcupine” is clearly revealed.

In this regard, people of insight on the island also see it quite clearly.

Guo Zhengliang questioned in a program that the delivery of the F-16V fighter jets Taiwan purchased from the United States has now been delayed until the third quarter of next year, but the “Stinger” missiles worth 500 million US dollars provided by the United States can be delivered so quickly. Arriving in Taiwan, isn’t this surprising?

The F-16V most wanted by the Taiwan military has no news so far

If we think of the DPP authorities rushing to restore the reserve force, wantonly expanding the police and militia units, and 60% of military training subjects are street fighting, such a fast delivery of weapons makes it easier for people to believe that the United States is encouraging Taiwan to “fight urban warfare.” .

Guo Zhengliang also pointed out that only Ukraine and Taiwan can allow the United States to use the “presidential appropriation power”. According to statistics, since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Biden has used the “presidential appropriation power” at least 35 times to provide assistance to Ukraine. Now Taiwan also “enjoys this kind of treatment”, which shows that the United States is eager to do something for the Taiwan military’s urban operations. Prepare.

On the 26th, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mao Ning directly pointed out the sinister intentions behind the United States: from the moment Washington politicians threatened to destroy TSMC if they could not move away, the United States tried to arm Taiwan into a “thorny porcupine island” .

Single Pack “Stinger”

However, some voices on the island are not optimistic about the role of the “stinger” in the urban warfare of the Taiwan army. Li Zhengjie, a retired general of the Taiwan Army, said that he personally operated the “Stinger” missile when he served in the Taiwan Army. Its effective range is only 5 kilometers. Area defense, which can cover the entire operational area.

Once the People’s Liberation Army fighter planes break through the “Patriot” defense of the Taiwan military, the “Stinger” missile, which is not as good as the “Patriot” in its range and interception range, is of no value. It can only be used as the last “self-protection means” of the Taiwan military. .

Duplex “Stinger” is too big to sell

Before, some Americans and politicians on the island advocated that Taiwan has a set of “Stinger” missiles, and even wanted to include “Stinger” in military training subjects. In this regard, Li Zhengjie said that the “stinger” cannot be regarded as an “artifact for protecting the platform”. It is a weapon of the Taiwan Army. Why are they distributed to ordinary people? What’s more, the People’s Liberation Army will never fight street battles with the Taiwan military.

What’s more interesting is that Li Zhengjie also said that the United States is actually very worried that Taiwan will sell missiles to terrorists. The “Stinger” missile may not have much effect on the regular army, but terrorists like to use it to attack civilian airliners.

Many extremist organizations are willing to pay high prices for Stinger missiles. That’s why the United States sold the dual-installation “Stinger” to Taiwan, because it is not easy to carry, and the United States will send people to list the number of missiles every once in a while to see if the authorities have resold them.