The United States is very concerned about the 075 amphibious assault ship, saying that it has global delivery capabilities and is of great use when landing on islands

The Type 075 amphibious assault ship is China’s largest amphibious assault ship. The first batch of three hull numbers, namely Hainan, Guangxi and Anhui ships from 31 to 33, has attracted the attention of the West, especially the United States.

Recently, an American think tank has released some analysis reports on the 075 amphibious assault ship, analyzing the impact of China’s future long-range delivery capabilities and the resulting international relations. They believe that China’s strategy and tactics are clear, and its design and manufacturing capabilities are relatively strong. Although the 075 is said to be the first research and development, it has suddenly entered the ranks of large-scale amphibious assault ships, and its technical level has reached or even surpassed the northwest of France. The follow-up ships of the Feng-class have even reached the level of 40,000 tons of the American class.

The 075 can carry more than 30 helicopters, as well as some drones, as well as battalion-scale amphibious marines, as well as several amphibious infantry fighting vehicles, air cushion landing ships, and heavy tanks. At present, three 075s can form three amphibious strike groups, and one can project more than one regiment-sized force to the same front. For any current island defense, that is a fatal blow.

In fact, what the United States is most concerned about is that 075 will allow us to have global delivery capabilities in China, which will have an impact. In the report, they believe that the combat power formed by the three 075 can be deployed in the Indian Ocean, Western Pacific and Southeast Asia respectively. If the 075 departs from the maritime support base in Djibouti, he can be within 24-72 hours. Projecting troops to radiate the entire Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean region, then Japan, which thinks it is India and the Western Pacific region, is out of reach.

China’s capabilities now also surpass those of Europe. Although China does not currently have various support bases around the world, the voyage of China’s 075 is sufficient for the entire Indo-Pacific region. Then this report actually represents a lot of the United States. Based on the mainstream opinions of analysis agencies, let’s note that Europe does not pay as much attention to 075 as the United States. The reason is very simple. The United States believes that the emergence of 075 and the subsequent improvement in quantity and quality will impact the United States’ global maritime hegemony.

Therefore, China’s global military projection capability is the focus and focus of the United States. He assumes that China wants to compete with the United States for maritime hegemony on a global scale. This is not a typical American logic, and it is set on China’s head. , In fact, everyone knows that the primary use of our Chinese equipment 075 is not to dominate the world, to expand our power, we neither have this logic, nor will we build such a capability. And the amphibious landing operation that is close at hand is what we want to accomplish. Judging from the current demand, three 075s are still not enough, and the form is more and more urgent, so we can foresee that the 075 follow-up ships may speed up the construction and quickly form combat effectiveness.