The United States deployed nuclear bombs in Europe and released a report on nuclear blackmail against China, and China launched a counterattack at the United Nations

The nuclear threat is not far away from us, especially under the influence of the aggressive nuclear policy of the United States, the risk of nuclear strikes for mankind is getting higher and higher. At present, NATO is holding a nuclear deterrence exercise code-named “Resolute Noon” in Europe. More than 60 fighters of various types, including B-52 strategic bombers, have assembled over the North Sea over the UK and over Belgium to take the initiative to launch nuclear threats to NATO. The state sends a clear signal.

Although the U.S. side did not explicitly acknowledge that the exercise was related to Russia, it is speculated from the chosen location and the current situation in Europe that it has a strong meaning against Russia. It is worth mentioning that after NATO announced the exercise plan, Russia immediately expressed strong opposition. In this regard, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg took a very tough attitude, saying directly and harshly, claiming that if NATO cancels the nuclear exercise, it will send a serious wrong signal to Russia. He clearly warned Russia that if Russia uses nuclear weapons in any way, it will have serious consequences, threatening that NATO’s military power is the best way to prevent the conflict from escalating.

In the face of NATO’s provocative nuclear deterrence exercise, Russia, not to be outdone, chose to announce a nuclear exercise program code-named “Grom” when the NATO exercise was in full swing. The exercise is likely to test-fire ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. On this basis, nuclear submarines were sent into the exercise to demonstrate Russia’s powerful sea-based nuclear force.

The nuclear exercise game between the two sides is not over yet, and the United States has opened up a new situation. According to media reports, the United States is accelerating the deployment of upgraded B61-12 nuclear bombs at NATO bases in Europe, and the deployment time is expected to be advanced to December this year. Some analysts believe that this action by the US is not unrelated to the development of the situation in Russia and Ukraine and the increasingly loud nuclear rhetoric. Its purpose is not only to target Russia, but also to provide a sense of security for European allies.

Russia remains highly vigilant about the high-profile deployment of nuclear bombs by the US in Europe. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Glushko said that the US’s upgrade of nuclear bombs is mainly to improve the accuracy of strikes, reduce nuclear yields, and turn nuclear deterrence tools into battlefield weapons. Lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons. Glushko stressed that Russia will take all necessary measures to ensure Russia’s security and defense capabilities.

It is not enough to provoke a nuclear power in Russia. Almost at the same time, the United States played up China’s “nuclear threat”. In the latest 2022 Nuclear Posture Review Report released by the United States, the United States published extensive content on the development of China’s nuclear force, making malicious speculations, blatantly exaggerating China’s nuclear force construction, and formulating a nuclear deterrence strategy for China.

In this regard, China directly launched a counterattack against the United States under the framework of the United Nations. Li Song, China’s disarmament ambassador, said at the UN General Assembly’s Committee on Disarmament and International Security that the US has introduced a new nuclear strategy and related policies to strengthen the role of nuclear weapons in national security policies. , will have a serious negative impact on the strategic security of major powers, nuclear arms control and nuclear non-proliferation processes.

The Chinese side warns the US side not to speculate on China’s actions based on the hegemonic thinking of the US side, and insist on portraying China as an adversary and an enemy. China is not the United States, nor will it become another United States, nor will it pursue the US nuclear strategy. Most importantly, China has the ability and confidence to safeguard its national security interests and is not afraid of nuclear blackmail by the United States.

The United States itself has done many evil acts on the nuclear issue. It is not only the first and only country in the world to use nuclear weapons, but also the country with the highest frequency of using nuclear threats to pressure other countries. The nuclear threat has never seen such a brazen country. What the US should do most is not to hold on to the nuclear issue, but to abandon its hegemonic logic and Cold War mentality, formulate a rational and responsible nuclear policy, and earnestly fulfill its responsibility for nuclear disarmament. Be alone.