The United Kingdom proposed a marine plan and wanted to intervene in world affairs. Only 18 warships became the laughing stock

Recently, the United Kingdom has introduced a maritime strategy. The United Kingdom is originally a maritime country, an island country, and has dominated the sea or the world for hundreds of years. But after World War II, the United Kingdom basically went downhill. After entering the new century, in fact, the United Kingdom plus itself is Brexit, and there are some other situations. In fact, his overall national strength is gradually declining. Of course, their own scholars also said that if we have a few years, we may not be as good as Indonesia. In fact, a large part of the marine plan he proposed now is The military component is very strong, that is, how to develop the military power of the British Royal Navy to ensure the security of the United Kingdom.

Of course, this security has various aspects, including economic interests and security interests. Now we can see that although the plan is very clear, very specific, or very ambitious, it must ensure the security of the entire British country, be able to fight terrorism, be able to fight pirates, and be able to cut off the smuggling and smuggling of people, etc., This is all part of his plan.

In order to achieve such a so-called goal of restoring the United Kingdom to become a maritime power, in fact, it must be supported by materials or equipment. If it is envisaged in the current plan of the United Kingdom, it will become a maritime power. On the one hand, there must be ships to ensure the security of their own country, because the United Kingdom is an island country, surrounded by water and sea, so he said now, I have two aircraft carriers, one Queen Elizabeth class, one Prince of Wales, these are all The 60,000-ton aircraft carrier, which is a modern aircraft carrier, is equipped with stealth fighters such as the F-35B, so its combat performance is very advanced.

In this way, there is no problem in defending his own safety, but he also proposed to intervene in other parts of the world, which brings problems. Now the British Navy is only surface ships, including his latest two aircraft carriers. , and some Type 45 guided missile destroyers built in the past. These are all large surface ships. There are only 18 warships in total. How can you deploy globally like the United States? This is simply unattainable. It’s just that you’re outnumbered, because your aircraft carrier can’t split it in two.

For example, when on duty, one may be under maintenance and one may be in training. Moreover, when the Prince of Wales went to the United States to participate in the exercise some time ago, it broke down before leaving the United Kingdom, and it broke down. In non-war situations, you Incapable of fighting. Then how can you say that you can still form a strong support in the NATO organization, and you have to go to the Indo-Pacific direction to perform related military tasks in the far sea, because he stated that he would send two or three warships for years and months. When you go to the Asia-Pacific region, you have a total of 18 warships. You have to consider the equipment. He does not mean that you can have motivation and can work in this area forever. When he was still in training, when he was still in maintenance, just these ships, just a dozen or so ships, wanted to say that he was a powerful country in the ocean. I am afraid that this is impossible.

Of course, he said later in the ocean plan, not only do we have to maintain the security of the UK, not only do we have to intervene in other security affairs in the world, but we also have to build more new ships, but this is on the blueprint. Now the British economy is very sluggish. The pound has experienced such a depreciation or decline for more than 30 years. Your economy is in a slump. People in so many industries across the country are working part-time, just asking for a salary increase. The relationship was strained.

Now faced with rising energy prices, will this series of problems lead to enough funds for the Royal Navy to build new ships? To support the current activities of ships in the world? So I think that although the UK has come up with a so-called global ocean plan, or a blueprint for the UK’s oceans, it is very difficult to realize it.