The unforgettable NPC of Yuanshen selected by the Internet: Zhiqiong becomes an ideal lover, Halfdan’s plot is crying

Through the excellent plot, “Yuan Shen” has created many vivid characters, such as: Zhongli who doesn’t worry about money, Keli who is addicted to fried fish, Shen He who bears the burden, etc. In fact, in addition to these little friends, the NPCs in the plot often touch people’s hearts inadvertently. At present, some players have spontaneously initiated the selection of the most memorable NPC in “Genshin Impact”, which has sparked heated discussions on the Internet.

So, what are some NPCs with higher voices on the Internet?


In the exploration of the layers of rock and giant abyss, travelers will encounter the role of Zhiqiong. Although she has the face of a passerby, she believes that she has the life of the protagonist. She has the ordinary and greatness of ordinary people, although she has no gods. Eyes, but with firm belief, responsibility and pursuit, this fearless adventurous spirit makes people move.

In this selection, many players on the outside world thought of Zhiqiong again: “Where did the girl who disappeared go? It’s hard to think of her experience. I really hope she can have a follow-up quest line, and I hope she can be in Xumi. see her.”

Some even shouted, “Zhiqiong, she is my lover!” The love for this NPC was beyond words.


In the plot of the Coral Palace of Inawife, Zheping’s appearance earned enough tears from the players. This is a hateful and pitiful character, born ordinary, but living in a troubled world. He wants to stand out in this troubled world, but his ability is mediocre. In the end, he accepts the “evil eyes” of the fools and gains power by overdrawing his vitality. of strength, lying dying in the log cabin.

Many people on the Internet said: “Zheping is the beginning of the moving, and is my favorite NPC in the original God!” Some players even angered the fools and wanted to beat the skirmishers.


Presumably everyone will cry because of Halfdan when they have watched the plot of the [Requiem of Echoes at the Bottom of the Deep Rock]. As the plot progresses, the scene of Halfdan, who stood up at a critical moment, made many players cry blind.

For such an NPC, the Internet is also distressed. Some people said: “Hafdan’s plot is only a few seconds, but the shock he left us is directly touching people’s hearts, and we have to admire the ability of Mihayou’s copywriting.”


Ying’er, known as the “Liyue” car god, is also an unforgettable character for many people. Ying’er’s unique way of speaking often makes the player’s heart skip a beat, but for such an NPC, will her emotional journey be smooth? It is also the place that Ying’er makes many players curious and miss.

Through this most memorable NPC selection, the conclusion of the external network is: Half of them are dead! It can only be said that Mihayou’s plot is too cruel, the screenwriter really abused me thousands of times, I want to send a blade to the copywriter!

Even NPCs can impress players, and people have to admire the character building and plot capabilities of “Yuan Shen”. So, who is the most memorable NPC in Genshin Impact? Take a look at the image below and you can reply the numbers to the comments section to share your and their story with us.