The U.S. military assembled on the peninsula, dispatched more than 240 fighter jets, and threatened to end the North Korean regime. China responded

According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US media asked that the South Korean Defense Minister threatened the DPRK, pointing out that if the DPRK uses nuclear weapons, the DPRK regime will be terminated. How does China comment on this? Mao Ning, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in response that he hoped the relevant parties can recognize the root cause of the long-term and repeated situation on the peninsula and take actions that are conducive to enhancing mutual trust and respecting each other’s concerns.

The reason for the repeated intensification of the situation on the Korean peninsula lies in the constant interference of the US hegemony in the situation on the peninsula. The correct direction to promote the settlement of the situation on the peninsula is to eliminate external interference and promote the reconciliation of the Korean nation. The South Korean side’s increasing presence in the military field by the United States, which is constantly interfering with the outside world, will not help ease the situation on the peninsula, and it will also worsen South Korea’s external economic environment. The South Korean side should be highly vigilant.

At present, with the promotion of the United States and the cooperation of South Korea, the situation on the Korean Peninsula is rapidly heating up, and the United States and South Korea have continued to intensify the situation. Re-berthed in South Korea after 2008, are pushing up the atmosphere of military confrontation on the peninsula. The United States, Japan and South Korea also threatened North Korea, saying, “If North Korea resumes nuclear tests, the three countries will make an unprecedented response.” On October 28, the South Korean Air Force revealed that from October 31 to November 4, the South Korean and American military forces There will be about 140 South Korean military aircraft and 100 US military aircraft participating in the joint air drill. In addition to the United States and South Korea, Australia will also send aerial tankers to participate in the joint exercise between the United States and South Korea for the first time.

With about 240 military aircraft of the US military and its allies gathering on the peninsula, the South Korean Defense Minister issued a threat to the DPRK that “the situation is out of control and will end the North Korean regime”, which is not conducive to the stability of the situation on the peninsula. , the price to pay is also destined to be high, or it may lay more hidden dangers for the future social development of South Korea.

After the Yoon Sek-yue government of South Korea came to power, the basic policy of reconciliation with the DPRK and striving for independence during the Moon Jae-in administration was changed. The relationship with the United States is the main direction of South Korea’s diplomacy, and the military field is closer to various mechanisms led by the United States as the main trend of South Korea’s military development. At the same time, South Korea gave the green light to the deployment of the U.S. THAAD system in South Korea, which deteriorated relations with China and seriously deteriorated relations with North Korea. This bears increasingly high costs.

South Korea’s economy is known as the “canary” of the global economy. Since July and August this year, the global energy crisis triggered by the manipulation of the United States has led to South Korea’s first trade deficit since 1997. The inflation reduction bill introduced by the US Biden administration In China, South Korea has also not been exempted, and South Korean electric vehicle companies are faced with the difficult choice of setting up factories in the United States or withdrawing from the U.S. market.

When the United States has used the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to harvest European countries, countries such as Japan and South Korea, which are allies of the United States, need to be alert to the further harvesting actions of the United States beyond financial harvesting.

Unfortunately, the United States has clearly started to further harvest South Korea. The worsening trend of the situation on the Korean peninsula is isomorphic with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Both are regional hotspot events under the repeated pressure of hegemonism. If this trend continues to intensify, It is also difficult for South Korean companies, industries, and funds not to face the situation of large-scale flight. With the US’s infiltration and control of South Korea’s politics, economy, and military, the destination of related South Korean wealth is undoubtedly “only” North America. Japan, which is also deeply infiltrated by the United States, is likely to be “reaped in one net” by the United States in the tense situation on the peninsula.

Similar to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the crisis on the peninsula is likely to be another manipulation of the US “sword to allies”. China will never allow chaos and war on the peninsula. Under this red line, Japan and South Korea should stay away from hegemonic manipulation and stop losses in time. So as not to be unwittingly harvested by the United States, leaving a “de-industrialized” desolation.