The Treasure Pavilion is open for a limited time, don’t use the 150 Rose Heart? The exchange of five skins is the most reliable!

Anniversary welfare activities have started one after another. In addition to the few activities that everyone is more concerned about, in fact, many players in the Treasure Pavilion also care about it. After all, the skin of the Treasure Pavilion must be exchanged with the Heart of Roses, but the Rose Hearts given to each event start. There are relatively few hearts, players can only accumulate a little bit, and after 150 rose hearts, they can exchange a skin for free.

However, there are currently five skins in the Treasure Pavilion. 150 Rose Hearts can only be exchanged for one skin. If you exchange all of them, you will need 750 Rose Hearts, which will take a long time to accumulate. So how to choose the skin order of the Treasure Pavilion? It is more important, so how should it be sorted?

Treasure Pavilion currently has a total of five skins, namely Sun Shangxiang Rose Lover, Ying Zheng Elegant Lover, Able Moxie Nutcracker, Gao Jianli Fun Dragon and Irene Valkyrie. The order suggested by A Maojun is Sun Shangxiang Rose Lover, Ying Zheng Elegant Lovers, Gao Jianli, Fun Dragon, Irene Valkyrie, and The Nutcracker, for the following reasons:

The two epic-level skins are at the top of the list, and there is no big problem. After all, this is also the exclusive skin of the former internal test, and it is better than the other several in every aspect. The reason why Sun Shangxiang Qiangwei Lover is before Ying Zheng Elegant Lover is mainly because Ying Zheng is more difficult to obtain, and can only be purchased with coupons, while Sun Shangxiang can get it with gold coins. In terms of practicality, Sun Shangxiang Qiangwei Lover will be higher.

Tower of the Goddess




The goddess gives benefits, and 100 draws for leveling up!


However, if you have two heroes at the same time, it is more recommended to consider Ying Zheng’s elegant lover. After all, Sun Shangxiang’s fruit sweetheart can be used for free as an epic skin, and Ying Zheng’s epic skins all require coupons.

The second is Gao Jianli’s fun dragon. The reason is that this skin is really creative. Although the quality is not high, the effect presented is still very good. It is also very popular among players, and Gao Jianli itself does not have many skins. This skin is still one of the top ones.

Then there is Irene’s Valkyrie. The biggest advantage of this skin is that it used to be exclusive to the internal beta, just like Irene’s hero itself, but it is no longer after the rework. The image is still very good-looking, but the special effects are relatively dull Some, compared with the original leather, have not changed much, so they are ranked at the back of the comparison.

In the end, there is the go-getter Moxie Nutcracker. It is not very clear why it can enter the Treasure Pavilion. It is not a very prominent skin in all aspects, but it is said that it feels good in the hand. Professional player Jiucheng prefers to use it, even higher than his own FMVP skin. Long Victory God of War, anyway, put it at the end.

So, how many hearts of roses do you have now? Can I exchange it for my favorite skin this time?