The total bonus is as high as 100w+! “Lu Zuo Cup” has opened hot registration, everyone can participate?

For the wonderful event of [Honor of Kings], I believe that many friends do not want to miss it. This highly competitive game is the object of attention of many netizens. The KPL event ended some time ago, which made many netizens feel sad. After all, there are I haven’t seen the event for a while, but don’t worry, an unusually new event is about to kick off in the near future. This event is the [Lu Zuo Cup].

Maybe many viewers are very curious about this game, what is the [Lu Zuo Cup]? I don’t know if you still remember that in the S28 season, there was a person who made a lot of noise in order to compete for the first place in the WeChat area. This person is Lu Zuo. He also left a deep impression on everyone before. At that time, he threatened to hold a competition specifically for the “competition of talented youngsters”, and just like that, [Lu Zuo Cup] appeared.

From 10.26 to 10.31, we can go to the live broadcast of Huya, search for [Lu Zuo Cup] and sign up below. This game is publicized on the whole network. As long as you feel that you have the strength, you can come and participate. This competition is divided into many parts, including solo competitions and 5v5 competitions. If you want to play 55, you have to be in the top 100 for three consecutive seasons. For solo competitions, you must have at least 1.8w combat power. These are to screen out the strongest passers-by players to participate.

Judging from the screening system, it can be seen that Lu Zuo really wants to make his game a stage for high-quality duels. Of course, attracting so many talented people to participate, the rewards are naturally indispensable. The total prize money of this [Lu Zuo Cup] is as high as 110w yuan, even higher than the prize money of some small cities. I believe that such a generous bonus will also make the majority of participating teams have a better sense of participation.

Not only that, many anchors will also participate in it and bring you exciting event content. Huya’s top anchors like Han Han and Lai Shen will perform in this game for everyone. I believe you are looking forward to it very much. If you go to sign up, you may be able to follow These top anchors will play against each other, let’s see if they are powerful, or whether these anchors are powerful!

If you want to sign up to participate, you can quickly come to the Huya live broadcast, search for [Lu Zuo Cup], and sign up to participate. For those who are confident in themselves, you can go to participate in the solo competition. If you are confident, you can go to participate in the 5V5 competition. There are many ways for everyone to choose. The competition will officially kick off on the 11.4th, and then you can enjoy this game together!