The top 10 skin care products with good whitening and freckle effects are in the top 10, and the latest list is released!

List of skin care products with good whitening effect There are many, but it is not easy to choose a light spot product that suits you, so how to choose a light spot product? Let’s take a look at the list of skin care products with good whitening effect!

1. Chu Yuan Yang whitening and freckle removal set

2. Curel Whitening Serum

3. Proya Double White Bottle

4. Ou Shiman Little White Lamp

5. Pechoin Frame Face Spotlight Essence

6. CPB Brightening Brightening Spot Serum

7. Nivea 630 Blemish Brightening Serum

8. Qiriness Whitening Serum

9. Shiseido HAKU superconducting light tracking bottle

10. Obagi c10 whitening essence

Among the top ten skin care products with good effects, these three have the best reputation!

Chuyuanyang whitening and freckle removal set

This domestic product refrigerated freckle removal product, whitening and lightening freckle with both hands, root freckle removal, efficient anti-oxidation, the most important thing is that it is very mild, there is no need to worry about skin intolerance, a product that can be used by any skin!

It contains four components of whitening and lightening, the core whitening components niacinamide, and transparent vitamin C, which can effectively disintegrate and disperse the pigmentation from the source, accelerate the metabolism and discharge of melanin, dilute and restore melanin to colorless and transparent, and at the same time, the heavenly girl inside Magnolia extract and arbutin can effectively inhibit the regeneration of melanin, control the activity of tyrosinase from the source, and make the skin white from the inside to the outside!

It is also specially formulated with squalane, bisabolol, panthenol and other repairing, soothing and moisturizing ingredients, which can effectively soothe and nourish the skin, improve the skin’s tolerance, and can be used by any skin. Spotted product!

@ Mrs. Qi: A product with a very good lightening effect. It has both mildness and effectiveness. It can be used on any skin. At the beginning, after using it for a week, you can feel the obvious brightening and whitening effect. More than one In the past month, the spots have also become much lighter. I have used three sets, the skin has become more delicate and tender, the spots have become lighter, and the skin has become fair and translucent!

Nivea 630 Blemish Brightening Serum

The official said that this newly upgraded single tube has the core ingredient, LUMINOUS 630, which produces melanin from the source Y, and the effect of removing yellowing and brightening is still very good! The small molecule hyaluronic acid and VE are matched with each other and cooperate with each other to penetrate into the bottom of the muscle with 630, lighten the spots and acne marks on the face, further amplify the blackening effect, and make melanin nowhere to escape.

The texture is like a lotion, silky and easy to push, the skin feels warm and moist, easy to absorb, after absorption, the skin is refreshed and moisturizing, with a certain moisturizing effect, persistent use, the delicateness of the skin will also be improved, delicate and white!

Obagi c10 whitening essence

The first recommendation in the prototype vc products is definitely this series of products from obagi. The concentration of this product is 10%, which can also meet the daily skin care needs of most people, and basically there is no skin intolerance reaction. 10% of the prototype VC + 1% VE (the classic good partner of VC and VE antioxidant), Centella asiatica + and other plant extracts not only have good anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, but also make this product have a more comprehensive antioxidant system .

The fluidity of the texture is still quite strong. Although the skin feels a little difficult to absorb, it is relatively refreshing after absorption. It will not rub mud. If you keep using it, the skin will really be white, and it is the kind of very transparent white. !

The list of skin care products with good whitening and freckle effects, let yourself be yourself, become the best self, freckle and freckle, have fair skin without makeup, heavy makeup is always suitable, and makeup is also beautiful!